Dr Kulneet Suri, Senior Director, Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Noida

Dr Kulneet Suri has an illustrious track record in Higher Education Sector for over 23 years and has outstanding achievements to her credit in delivering mission critical results by her unmatched Leadership. She has simultaneously worked for organized and unorganized sectors for women and girl child upliftment. Presently she is working as Senior Director at IMS Noida, IMS-DIA under UNISON EDUCATION Society which has 11 campuses spanning across Dehradun and Noida- A well -known global professional.


Industry visits have become an essential part of students pursuing a professional degree or course. The Indian education system has witnessed immense transformation over the last few years, with more importance being given to hands-on training. The approach for delivering quality education has changed with time for the Indian universities, and Industry Visits have become a part of the course curriculum for many courses.

Industry Visits have become the norm for courses ranging from Engineering to Management in a number of institutes. A number of institutions now give grades and attendance on Industry visits to students. The reason behind the popularity of industry visits is due to the fact that it exposes students to gain the practical knowledge on their subject which even their textbooks can’t provide. There are several other advantages attached to such visits – But, before we move on, let’s take a look at what exactly are Industry Visits:

Industry Visit:

Industry visits give students an insight regarding the internal working of companies. Just having a theoretical knowledge about a subject is not enough for making a good professional career. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visits provide students with a practical perspective on the internal working in a company. The students are provided with the opportunities to gain an in-depth knowledge of the procedures and techniques followed throughout in the company. Also, the students attain an understanding of the work culture of the industry they have been taken to, followed with an opportunity to analyse the management essentials. The industry visits are not limited to only engineering – nowadays, management students are being actively taken to industries to help them get a hold of management concepts.

Benefits of Industrial Visits:

Not everything that is essential to be learnt by students can be delivered by in the classroom. There are several practical aspects which require a hands-on experience for a student to elucidate the understanding of the facts and concepts. Industrial Visits transform the concepts into action which in turn, facilitate the attainment of hands-on experiential awareness. The benefits are not limited to mere practical exposure. Below mentioned are the advantages which students enjoy during industrial visits:

–    The detailed information on the functioning of industries can only be experienced after visiting one. The visits are extremely helpful for students to embed hands-on understanding of the effective functioning of an organisation.

–    The industry visits offer an opportunity to students to engage in a conversation with the professionals. This, in turn, helps students improve their communication and interpersonal skills. Also, the students get a chance to establish a connection with experts, which could be helpful in placements.

–    There are certain myths which have been prevalent for years, in terms of management and other aspects based on the entire functionality of the industries. Industry visits provide an opportunity for students to gain insight into actual practices in a work-place. The students get an enhanced outlook on the practices followed by the companies to ensure effective operations and how they manage their workforces.

–    The industry visits are not limited to the attainment of practical knowledge, but, it also plays an essential role in identifying an interest area for the students. During the visit, they go through different departments and thus, they get an idea about different roles and what they entail. Students can get clarity of what exactly a job functions required to be performed in a specific profile.

Industry visits are slowly becoming mandatory in leading institutes in India, as it gives students a chance to enhance their practical knowledge. Nowadays, students actively participate in industry visits in a bid to understand the workings of an organisation.

Management courses have always been the most preferred choice for Commerce and Arts students. Bachelors of Business Administration [BBA] helps students get a strong foundation in management. The industry visits and the chance to interact with industry leaders can help students gain knowledge and also help them choose the right career path!

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