Jayanthi Narayan, Chairperson, Sri Venkateshwara School & College of Nursing

The field of medicine has numerous opportunities and applications. The scope is endless and provides variety for those who choose the field, thus being a popular choice around the globe. Nursing is one such choice that many pursue, being the driving force behind the medical system, and making the healthcare system efficient and accessible to all. In the 150 years since Florence Nightingale developed and promoted the concept of an educated workforce of caregivers for the sick, modern nursing has reinvented itself several times as health care has advanced and changed. As a result of the nursing profession’s versatility and adaptive capacity, new career pathways for nurses have evolved, attracting a larger and more broadly talented applicant pool and leading to expanded scopes of practice and responsibilities for nurses. Nurses have been an enabling force for change in health care along many dimensions.

Sri Venkateshwara School and College of Nursing (SVCN) is a trusted and established name in nursing education. Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bengaluru, SVCN was established by Sri Venkateshwara Education Trust and was formed and registered under the Karnataka Govt. Act in 2003. Under the leadership of Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan, the Chairperson at Sri Venkateshwara School & College of Nursing, the institution has become a leading centre for nursing education in Karnataka. The institute is guided by the Trust President, Dr G. Narayan, an eminent psychiatrist in Moline, Illinois, USA. Dedicated to academic excellence, SVCN provides affordable education to students. The institute is recognised by health industry leaders for preparing and training excellent and skilled nursing professionals ready to be hired. “Most nurses in developed countries are well-trained nursing practitioners who are fully independent and are qualified to provide primary care. They are also trained to attend special care in different areas of healthcare delivery. I am confident that the same trend will soon be practised in the rest of the world, including India,” Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan shares.

Striving to be the Best

Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan fought all odds to complete her Master’s degree, despite the struggles of living in a joint family with a traditional perspective on life. With her husband by her side, Ms Jayathi has excelled as an administrator and guided the college to new heights. She is a visionary leader, heading SVCN’s vibrant and growing nursing programs. Today, her confidence and clarity on responsibility has grown as a reputed academic leader.

Healthcare education has undergone tremendous change during the past few years. The nurse’s profession today is very challenging, and it is the right time for young students to rise to this challenge. After four decades of international exposure, Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan took up the mantle of educating and training young minds to become nursing professionals. “Today, I am proud that our Alumni occupy coveted positions in reputed healthcare organisations all over the world, and that speaks volumes about the college and its success. With my years of experience in administering nursing education, our students are mentored with the aim of global nursing needs from SVCN,” she shares. SVCN nursing institution identified by university as a super excellent college with maintaining Ethical values, quality standards and academic honesty. “Exams are conducted here with highest integrity, honesty. We are proud to share our Nursing exams results are 99%, majority are in distinction,” claims Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan.

As an ever-changing field, there is a need for faculty to stay updated on the latest innovations. Through Collaborative Advanced Learning, Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan has kept herself abreast with the changing times. Innovative educational technology trends have made it possible for everyone to stay connected. Learning outside the classroom, Environment, and Social media plays a major role in trends education. With Data management and analytics, Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan shares that it has helped keep her and her team updated and relevant. “Nurses have increased their work scope; however, the roles and responsibilities have multiplied while concerns are still purging in the development of nursing, with regards to human individuals, selection and recruitment, placement according to specialisation, pre-service, in-service training, and human resource issues for their career progression. The roles of nurses have been evolving and changing, while nurses are gaining impeccable skills for health assessment for providing active support to patients and families. Enhancement of quality raises with lower cost and improves access to world-class healthcare the society,” she explains.

Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan guides the institute through the strong teaching faculty at SVCN. The highly qualified and well-experienced lecturers add depth to students learning both in and outside the classroom and help them understand and evolve better as nursing scholars. SVCN’s objective is to prepare competent professional nurses capable of working in various healthcare sectors, demonstrating moral integrity in nursing care. At SVCN, the management works towards instilling leadership qualities in implementing nursing care at various levels. “Our students are mentored to meet global needs. We have commendable achievements in academia and sports, cultural, and other extracurricular activities. A happy, wholesome individual makes for a world-class professional,” shares Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan.

Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan understands that women in leadership roles are limited in India due to Social- cultural constraints, rigid social and traditional norms and expectations prioritising family over career. For a decade, circumstances & roles for women leaders have been more favourable. Women are moving to higher positions and command lines. But it is not so easy as there is still some friction when it comes to Women’s Leadership as it is in a nascent stage and Competition is high.

Talking about her daily routine, Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan says, “My day starts in early morning with prayer, exercise, walking. Beautiful garden and pets are my stress busters in daily life. Talking to My Daughter Priya and granddaughter baby SIHI will divert my pressure to calmness.” She maintains a very beautiful garden in the college campus. “All kind of flowers, fruits, nuts, Ayurveda plants are planted in our college garden. Fragrance, nature beauty also makes our mind peaceful. Four pet dogs and 5 cats are maintained, unconditional love of pets makes my life more joyful. Beautiful cottages were built to pets,” adds Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan.

Broadening the Scope of Nursing

Nursing Education requires advanced skill development training planning to develop essential competencies in cultural diversity, communication technology, teamwork and collaboration, safety, quality, and evidence-based practice. SVCN has become a reputed name in the field of nursing education and is determined to grow further and consolidate its leadership position in this field. “We want to touch people even more deeply with the power of value-added education. Prime among our plans for our future is a world-class institution in Bengaluru offering healthcare education in collaboration with like-minded universities and experts from India and Abroad,” shares Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan.

Sri Venkateshwara School & College of Nursing plans to open 200 bedded hospitals is our immediate plans of Sri Venkateshwara School & College of Nursing. “We need to establish the Medical industry along with nursing education with a dream of providing world-class care treatment at an affordable price which reaches common individuals,” concludes Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan.

For More Info: https://www.svcnedu.org/

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