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The hospitality industry is all about the experience that is retained by the visitors. Intangibles matter more than tangibles in this industry because hospitality involves showing love and care. Therefore, when stepping into the Service industry, especially, that of Hotel Management, it is impertinent that you be on your most excellent front. Although several educational institutions aim at teaching this course as well as they can, there is only a handful that has proved their mettle. One among the top players is International School of Hospitality Management (ISHM), Kolkata. Created on an unwavering commitment towards excellence and quality education, ISHM has been training graduates who aspire to land the most sought-after positions in the highly competitive hospitality industry. ISHM offers a value-based quality education that pars with international standards. Aiming to produce quality and well-groomed graduates for employment in hotels, tourism, and service management positions at national and as well as at a global level, ISHM students get to enhance their skills and techniques on all the fronts with special emphasis on operation and management. ISHM missions to develop highly qualified professionals who play leading roles in promoting the regions industrial competitiveness in its integration into the global economy.

Courses Offered

Presently, ISHM provides a wide array of courses that are not only based on the current market trends and requirements but also on the basis that different students have different aptitude levels and also based on their wide variety of choices and preferences. They include Diploma in Aviation, Hotel & Hospitality Management (1 Year Full-Time Course), Advance Diploma in Aviation, Hotel & Hospitality Management (2 Years Full-Time Course), BBA in Hospitality Management + Graduate Diploma in Aviation and Hotel Management (Twinning Program 3 Years Full-Time Course), Bachelor in Hotel Management + Bachelor’s in Tourism Studies (Dual Degree 3 Years Full-Time Course), Bachelor in Hotel Management (3 Years Full-Time Course), Bachelor in Hospital Management & Health Care (3 Years Full- Time Course), B.B.A (Business Administration) (3 Years Full-Time Course), B.B.A in Aviation Management (3 Years Full-Time Course), Post-Graduation Programme in Hospitality Management (2 years course duration), and M.H.A in Hospital Administration (2 years
course duration).

At ISHM, learning activities are characterized by active engagement, inquiry, problem-solving and collaboration with others. The teacher acts as a guide, a facilitator and also co explorer. They encourage learners to question, challenge and formulate their ideas, opinions and conclusions. ISHM’s teaching-learning methodologies include problem-based learning, learning constructivist approach, case studies, peer tutorials, e-learning, blended learning, flipped classrooms, and experiential learning. “We would use technology-based learning platforms, social media, internet and interactive Learning Management Systems to deliver our programs. The various infrastructural facilities that we have at ISHM that truly sets us apart from the other college is a state-of-the art fully functional aviation lab, which is the alive model of a cut section of an aircraft. It is complete with flight chairs, cabins deck and a unique PA system to give the students a hands-on experience of in-flight methods,” says Nirvik Saha, Director, ISHM. “To add to our everlasting hunger to be the best in the industry we have two major Food Production Labs. One of them completely built on induction method to avoid fire hazards. This also includes a complete and functional working bakery, library, complete VIP Suite and a reception desk with a mock PMS Software,” adds Avishek Dutta Roy, HOD, F&B Service.

Offering state of the art programs and cutting-edge research in partnership with the industries for sustainable growth of the region, ISHM Kolkata is armed to supply the Industry with professional graduates.

It works to the immense advantage of ISHM students that ISHM’s placement coordinators are thoroughly connected with the top recruiters in and around the world, thus helping students land the job of their dreams. “We arrange for campus interviews for the students when they are in their final semester. We have been able to achieve 94% placement record, with our students being placed in top companies globally. It has been a very common trend for students to have their appointment letter even before they pass out,” comments Sharmi Banerjee, HOD, Front Office.

The placement cell works towards training students to meet the expectations of the Industry through its Career Development Program, provide exposure to the students about the happenings with various industries, thus providing them with a first-hand insight into the dynamic industrial environment. ISHM’s Training Programs are unique and unmatched by any other University Programs because of the following innovative practices:
• Industry-driven syllabus that is updated every year to reflect the present and future requirements of industry and economy
• Systems-driven management.
• Student-centric approach.
• Inculcate universal and global values by practising what we preach
• Spoken English classes that improve communication skills
• Personality development sessions
• Career skills.
• A flexible medium of instruction
• Innovative program structure with credit transfers ensures that students can pursue their passion
• Think Global. Act Local – An inter-disciplinary approach and global partners that enables ISHM to meet the emerging global standards in university education yet are oriented to meet the local industry requirements.
• Internships
• All students undergo special Sensitization Programs for Entrepreneurship and Leadership, an important quality for future success in career
• 100% placement assistance.
• Period Incubation for those creative and innovative students who aspire to start their business venture.

ISHM believes that teachers must be lifelong learners to teach each new group of students. Some of ISHM’s core Teaching development programs include:

Common Core State Standards: Typically taught in separate sessions to administrators and teachers, sessions on Common Core standards help each group understand the purpose and usefulness of such standards. These types of workshops also answer questions related to the interpretation of specific standards in addition to offering strategies for implementing the teaching of some content area standards.

Assessment and Evaluation: A professional development course, weekend, or single session on assessment and evaluation will offer educators and administrators new and innovative ways to assess students in a variety of content areas. “Not all assessment needs to be paper and pencil based. There are a variety of assessments from performance tasks to informal and formal. Some assessment and evaluation professional development sessions will focus on specific forms of assessment that will be required for the upcoming school year, but most will share a variety of forms in which assessment can be used to evaluate and redirect learning when needed,” clarifies Sanjit Gomes, HOD, Culinary

Differentiated Instruction: Meeting the individual needs of every student can be an overwhelming job, but one that is expected and challenging. This type of professional development offers support for teachers as they group and manage data, work with students on varying levels, and creating and managing levels.

Closing the Achievement Gap: “It has been a well-researched and well-documented fact that Some students come into the classroom at a disadvantage. So, it is the teachers’ job to close the achievement gap. Culturally relevant pedagogy and the integration of visual and performing arts can play a factor in helping to close the achievement gap,” adds Liza Mukherjee Bagchi, HOD, House-keeping.

ISHM promotes entrepreneurship not only among students but also among faculty by exposing them to executives’ thought processes when analysing situations to provide real-life business solutions and mistakes and relating theoretical content to real business challenges, such as discussing inflation and quantitative easing in relation to the 2008 mortgage crisis. ISHM also hosts entrepreneurship contests, pitting student groups against each other in a “Shark Tank”-like competition to foster
hands-on learning opportunities. Moreover, ISHM also has an entrepreneurship-in-residence program, that leverage relationships with businesses to regularly send students as interns, helping them network.

Along the same lines, ISHM invites professionals to teach and lead a class or an entire course, to make the content more engaging and add practical insight. Furthermore, the institute provides consulting to nonprofits and small businesses, and in the process guide students through consulting for small businesses and nonprofits to ensure they learn practical solutions and how to handle client interactions.

ISHM also aids students in their business launches, by working in tandem with students to obtain financing, research the market, and build practical businesses.

ISHM also aids students in their business launches, by working in tandem with students to obtain financing, research the market, and build practical businesses. The institute also uses all its avenues to stress on technology’s importance, by explaining strategic ways that businesses use technology to communicate, market, innovate, and ultimately, earn a profit. This does not necessarily mean filling curricula with coding and computer programming. It is also commendable that ISHM houses international exchange programs, thus exposing students to different cultures and professional backgrounds by allowing them to finish their degree at an international university. Meanwhile, ISHM also promotes student-in-residence programs, that allows students to intern part-time and complete graded coursework.

Staying true its vision of becoming a  prestigious multicultural hub of higher learning in Service Industry, offering state of the art programs and cutting-edge research in partnership with the industries for sustainable growth of the region, ISHM Kolkata is armed to supply the Industry with professional graduates. “With further diversification, we would not only cater to the hospitality industry but to all service-related market segments. We have already stepped in to provide quality education for the Hospital Sector and the Management sector as well in addition to the hospitality industry. We have plans to grow and further spread our wings by opening another campus in the North-eastern part of India,” concludes the Director.

Nirvik Saha, Director, ISHM

After kick-starting his career in the Hospitality Industry with market leaders like Taj and Leela Kempinski group, Mr. Saha clearly saw the urgent need of talented and skilled professionals in the Hospitality segment. Followed his dream of the same since the last decade with ISHM Kolkata with hopes of expansion in other states.

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