Ar. Rajendra Kumar, Director - School of Architecture, Noida International University

With over 13 years of experiences, Ar. Rajendra Kumar has worked in Spain, Italy, China, and India. He is actively involved in academia and research and is an advisory member of various think tanks. Ar. Rajendra Kumar has written over 50+ Articles, published papers in reputed journals.


An architect is someone who plans, designs and oversees the development of a building.  This profession involves plenty of creativity, along with a scientific approach. The Indian housing industry is at its peak, and it said that the following few decades will see a massive boom in construction in Indian cities. Almost 70 % more construction will happen within the next few years in Indian cities.

The foremost purpose of any architect is to supply a functional, healthful, safe, and pleasing shelter. In simple words, architects are the designers of lovely buildings and interior spaces in buildings. A good building not only affects its occupants, but it becomes history for the long run.

Architecture professionals are considered to be one amongst the foremost respected professions anywhere around the globe. Here are some tips for the readers that I believe will be beneficial for them.

  1. While you hunt for a perfect architecture college, make sure you do the recce well: because you anyway will have to do it in future.
  2. Leave your customary range of familiarity. Never be hesitant to attempt new things, regardless of whether it involves taking in something muddled without any preparation in a restricted time. You can accomplish it on the off chance that you have the will. Be Creative!
  3. Verbal Presentation. This is a wizardry tip, seriously! In the event that you can do the correct talk, your task will sell regardless. I have seen normal quality ventures being acknowledged definitely more than some magnificent ones in light of this astounding talking characteristic.
  4. Be Social! On the off chance that you need to be a pioneer, this is the attribute you have to have. Grow your organization as all over as could be expected under the circumstances. Make associations around you and through person to person communication locales.

There are many other things that an architect should keep in mind but let’s now talk about the job prospects. In India, with the vision of 100 smart cities and many new projects, future possibilities and prospectus for architects are very bright. This course has 100 % job security. With the rapid evolution of available technologies and the integration of them into the profession, the role of an architect is changing faster than it ever has before. There are immense opportunities for architects in future. At present only around 1.2 Lac architects are in India, and there is a huge demand for new architects and building designers in the near future.

Architects can work with development organizations wherein they are approached to fill in as a fashioner. At first, a designer is relied upon to comprehend explicit prerequisites of customers and find some kind of harmony among style and reasonableness. Also, a planner with aptitudes can help customers by his thoughts regarding adjusting the necessities of appearance, budgetary, financial plan and time span. A few draftsmen even work freely and acquire their business through consultancy expenses which altogether relies on the abilities and profile just as work insight.

A large portion of the positions in engineering come up in government associations, for example, Public Works Department, the Archeological Department, Ministry of Defense, National Building Organization, Town and Country Planning Organization, and so on Planners working autonomously have abundant extension as far as procuring. Notwithstanding, the natural danger with autonomous practice is that the expert goes through bunches of work as only he needs to design subtleties of sizes, determination and appraisals of the expense of the structure, and so forth. Besides, he requires great models and designs as there would not be some other individual to help him, which is the situation when he works with some development organization. Specialization functions admirably for better possibilities in design as it involves prerequisite.

With the rapid evolution of available technologies, the latest software and the integration of new techniques in buildings, architecture profession and the role of an architect is changing faster than it ever has before. Architects are problem solvers and designers of many aspects of human life.

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