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As a study abroad educational consultant, Varun has been guiding students with different academic backgrounds for various countries like Canada, Ireland, UK, the USA, New Zealand, Europe. He has more than 7 years of experience in study abroad and educational counseling for various programs such as Business, Engineering, Hospitality, Healthcare, etc. He worked in Dubai where he helped multicultural students from various curriculums to study at top global universities such as Waterloo, York, Ryerson, Amsterdam, Queen Mary, KCL, Edinburgh, TU Berlin, TCD, UCD, Monash, CMU, NUI, Galway and many more.


When there is a will to pursue quality higher education, most students wish to study abroad. This is not just limited to one country, but this phenomenon is global. Students from all countries look for reputable international universities to pursue their higher education. These study abroad countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK etc are most famous in tier2 cities where there are fewer options to study high-quality courses. Tier-2 cities, like Kanpur, Patna, Dehradun are on their way to becoming the education hub of the country. Jaipur and Nagpur are already in the education hub cities list of the country.

Such cities have their target of study abroad education as USA and Canada. These target countries are witnessing a large number of applications from Indian students. As per sources, Canada itself verified 160,000 applications from Indian students in the first half of 2021 itself. The surprise factor is that 160,000 is four times the number of applications Canada accepted in the first half of 2020. The young population and booming middle class are helping tier-2 cities become the education hub of the country. The growing educational infrastructure is also another factor helping such cities boom.

We have seen that pandemic had put educational infrastructure to a stop. But digital ways have made sure that educational infrastructure can survive even without people having to go to offices. GoToUniversity, one of the biggest study abroad online platforms, has helped numerous students connect to their favourite overseas universities. They have managed to get free information from the universities and provide the same to students. With this, they have effectively made it possible for students to gather information without having to visit any physical centres. This is possible because they can get all information at their comfort of staying in the house and complete the entire admission process, visa application and test prep coaching such as IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT from home.

Tier2 cities have been blessed by good internet connectivity and EduTech sectors. These two factors have opened doors for Tier2 cities’ students to connect with the world effortlessly. With such factors, students can request free counselling sessions through zoom meet, chat or phone calls to discuss their interests and learn about requirements, cost, scholarships and career opportunities. All the information they need can be arranged in the comfort of their home.

But, there are things that students must do before contacting portals like GoToUniverisity for their help on study abroad prospects. You must research more affordable countries like Germany, Poland, Italy, Latvia, Hungry etc where you might spend equal to Indian universities. This would ensure you can live without having to worry about finance. Apart from the research, you can attend informative webinar sessions conducted by education experts and university representatives to learn about factual details and they can ask doubts during live sessions to get genuine guidance. GoToUniversity organises various such webinars to help Indian students who wish to study abroad. Recently. GoToUniversity conducted “Studying at Georgian College and gaining post-graduation work permit in Canada” and solved many queries of students.

If seminars are not your thing, you can get adequate help by going through blogs of education experts and universities. Blogs are free to read and focus on information about international universities and how students can take admission successfully. Blogs would take around 6-10 minutes to read but in that minimum time, blogs can give you all the information you need. Additional information can be gathered by calling the education experts and famous study abroad portals like GoToUniversity.

Many countries like Canada rely on international students to fulfil the need for skilled labours. This is why it becomes important to know about new emerging jobs before applying to international universities. It is expected that Canada will witness a labour shortage of more than 100,000 skilled tradespeople by 2030. This makes it a huge opportunity for those who want to study in Canada and want quality information on universities in Canada. Platforms like GoToUniversity offer advantages to students by connecting students, counsellors and universities on a single, integrated platform. Students from Tier2 cities can now find the best-fit universities with the help of such platforms.

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