John Kallelil, Founder and Director, XED

John Kallelil, Founder and CEO, XED understands that we live in a complex world, full of paradoxes and contradictions. In a world marred by information overload and digital overkill, clarity becomes power. It is with this intent that he founded XED in 2015 to enable individuals and organizations lead with clarity, order and purpose.  Armed with this vision and two decades’ worth of expertise in the Banking and EdTech industries, he launched XED to empower leaders who aspire to drive change and create a positive impact. 


In today’s ever-evolving times, upskilling and reskilling have emerged to be the ideal pathways to secure promising career prospects. They are helping talent in not only future-proofing their positions in the organizations but also by offering them viable career opportunities. While employees undertake such practices at the individual level, various organizations also offer executive education as an add-on benefit to their workforce apart from attractive compensation packages and employee-friendly practices.  

Custom programs bridging the talent skill gap

The skills needed to drive an organization are changing. However, skilled talent meeting organizational requirement is not available. The talent-skill gap is significant. The competition is high and having the relevant skills is the dire need of the hour. This is why institutes are focusing on offering executive education programs for individuals as well as corporates. These programs are curated so that professionals can excel in their careers and make the most of the opportunities that they can grab on to. They also help bridge the talent skill gap by imparting tech-savvy and industry-relevant skills so as to train the employees into futuristic professionals.  

Customizing executive education programs 

The executive education programs can be customized as per the requirement of the organizations. They help experienced professionals gather leadership insights as well as business acumen essential for solving business complexities. With the on-demand programs, learners can choose from a wide range of expert speakers who can help simplify complex business subjects and make them understand these topics better. 

Making employees future-ready

Combining traditional classrooms with quality learning practices, these institutes offer experiential learning for senior leaders and transform them into future innovators. The executive education programs are designed with a holistic approach and global vision to offer quality learning to the professionals. These training institutes partner with global schools and onboard international faculty so as to offer a comprehensive curriculum and quality educational practices. This is their way of contributing their bit in making the professionals future-ready. 

Executive programs helping in securing white-collar jobs

Imparting leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital transformational skills, the executive education programs enable the professionals to learn to thrive amidst the disrupting and ever-evolving market. And this is how these programs are in fact playing a major role in helping people secure white-collar jobs. Be it any industry- IT, Finance, Law, Healthcare, HR, or any other domain, these courses impart industry-relevant skills and shape them into future leaders. 

As organizations across industries rely on technology and skills, executive education programs are the new pathway to securing white-collar jobs. They are curated specifically for professionals and are tailormade to boost the leadership capabilities as well as business skills of the learners. They are designed with an integrated approach so as to ensure the holistic development of the professionals. Along with subject knowledge, equal emphasis is laid on practical learning and networking with industry experts so that they have can a first-hand account of the present landscape. Partnering with global schools and onboarding quality faculty, the institutes associate with ed-tech platforms to offer international educational experiences. 

As times are progressing, organizations need to be agile and flexible. They need to be open to experimenting and implementing out-of-the-box strategies so as to deal with challenges and enjoy a competitive edge in the market. Even the employees need such programs that can help them upskill and enhance their chances of securing reputed as well as lucrative white-collar employment opportunities across roles. These executive education programs are the much-needed innovation that organizations and employees need in today’s times. It can be rightly said that these programs are the way forward for a promising future and rewarding career trajectory!

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