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Som Sharma is a pioneer and visionary in the field of Vocational Training and consultancy. Som Sharma is the Founding Chairman of Edu Brain Foundation (Edu Brain Academy) based out of Delhi with overseas branches and 15 glorious years in service. Som Sharma is also the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Education Brains Pvt. limited and owns an overseas company that is Edu Brain Overseas Project Management Services in Dubai. He has taken all his enterprises to heights.


France is the most likeable and preferable option for any international student, the reason behind this is the availability of job opportunities to the students. Internships in France are a great opportunity to gain professional experience in the European continent while enjoying the historic culture. Despite the pandemic, France continues to open its doors to international students and researchers since the beginning of February 2021. There are several options available for students after finishing their studies in France as the country offers a vast variety of internships because of the cultural diversity and advanced economy.

As part of the internships, you can opt for the company that works in your choice of field. France offers a wide array for students, this might be because of its varied economy, cultural traditions, and thriving arts of the community.

For students, there are many popular job sectors such as Engineering, Business, Management, Hospitality, etc. Students in France can look for these sectors for building their career followed by higher studies. Also, internships in France help students in developing French-speaking skills, so for such personal development in France, the following are the opportunities that are available for international students.

Hospitality – France is a heavenly beautiful place to visit. The country, particularly well-known urban areas like Paris, has a flourishing accommodation exchange. This could make it an ideal spot for hospitality-focused students to get familiar with their field. During your arrangement, you may get the opportunity to work with resorts to perceive how they handle things like significant occasions and worldwide visitors.Your English-speaking skills can also be a plus point! Because so many people in France speak English as their second language, your knowledge might help them associate with their international guests and clients.

Business and Management – Much like Computer science, the executives’ experts are consistently popular. Showcasing Manager and business-related courses will undoubtedly give you a decent Return on Investment. France is home to a large number of global organizations. There are several lucrative, quickly developing, remunerating businesses and the executives’ occupations in France.

Computer Science and IT – IT and software engineering are the courses that have been famous among worldwide students internationally. Each industry needs experts from this field of study, and the global associations in France are no special case. Each industry nowadays needs site advancement, computer programmers, and IT experts.

Engineering – Quite possibly the main motivation to why Study in France for students, is Engineering. The stream is extremely well known among the students, and the quantity of courses in France draws many Engineering students to France. There are additional courses accessible to consider Engineering in France, like the Master of Science in Energy and Environment, and the Master of Science in Management-Engineering.

Art History – It is regardless of where you go in France, there’s an exhibition hall showing classical art masterpieces. As a feature of your internship, you could be set with a historical centre, and exhibition. While there, you could help design new exhibits, and witness art rebuilding.

In case you’re fortunate, you could even get a chance to work with a few famous pieces of art! Just visualize working alongside Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.

With such great opportunities in France, whether paid, unpaid, it’s ideal to begin your search for some highly reviewed internship programs: 

Global Experiences – Travelers love Global Experiences’ temporary job programs in France! Not only guaranteed internships, but you will also be living and breathing the Paris life. Global Experiences is ideal for those searching for the total Paris package.

The Language House – Looking into a teaching profession through turning into an intern in France? If that is the case, the Language House might be only for you! Work in a multi-week certified TEFL course.

IES Abroad – This program has been effectively introducing students into the French lifestyle for more than 50 years! This program will make them communicate in French like an expert quickly!

Jobs and Internships Abroad – Jobs and Internships Abroad maybe only the spot to begin. Offering direction, arrangements dependent on your abilities and destinations, and get-togethers, this program supplier may have what you’re searching for.

World Endeavors – World Endeavors is the ideal opportunity to get ahead to begin your opted industry. Every arrangement is modified and customized to your abilities and wants.

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