Dr. Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities

Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh has extensive experience of more than 26 years in Institutional building, Teaching, Consultancy, Research & Industry. He has spoken at various international forums which include the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table Conference, at Harvard Business School, Thunderbird Business School, NYU, University of Leeds, Loughborough Business School, Coventry Business School, Rennes Business School, Essex University, UK, University of Berkeley, California State University, USA, NUS, Singapore, and many more. He is internationally recognized as a known Professor in the area of Management.


The ‘International’ and ‘3 Continent’ Programs are unique initiatives and the most popular choice of study at Amity University. Amity Education Group is a pioneer in developing this kind of programs in India. Students associated are part of a dream, a mission of being nurtured to be global success stories.

The highly inspiring ‘International Program’ is in collaboration with the world’s few of the most renowned Universities in UK, USA, Canada and Australia, to bring the best courses for Indian students aspiring to make a career abroad and earn a high ranked foreign university degree. The student does the first part of their studies at Amity in India and later part with the international partner University abroad. They get credit transfers, continue their course with the partner university and earn a regular full-time degree from their foreign dream University. This program is highly cost-effective because of its reduced cost compared to pursuing the same foreign university degree from the start abroad. Amity is currently running ‘International Program’ in Management, Mass Communication, Engineering, Fashion Technology, Finance and Accounting, Psychology and Biotechnology areas in partnership with premium and highly reputed Universities of UK, USA, Canada and Australia like – the University of Birmingham, Queen Mary University of London, University of Queensland, Monash University, IOWA State University, University of Massachusetts, University of Denver, University of Western Australia, University of Adelaide and many more.

And, the highly exciting ‘3 Continent Program’ provides students with a rare exposure through studying in 3 different continents, namely Asia, Europe and America. The initial Semesters are done at Amity University, and then, as part of the program students spend 3 Months in UK and 3 Months in US which is a fully residential program with accommodation abroad, beautifully planned and arranged entirely by Amity. Students get an enriching firsthand global outlook of their domain interests, and many get excellent career enhancement opportunities. The program supplements the degree of Amity University with certificates from 2 other foreign institutions. The ‘3 Continent Program’ is open for all Amity Campuses in Noida, Greater Noida, Lucknow, Jaipur, Gurugram, Gwalior, Mumbai and Dubai. It is offered for the following streams – Management, Engineering, Communication, Fashion and Biotechnology.

These two programs are specially designed for young explorers who want to innovate, interact with students from other nationalities and form new and rewarding relationships to develop an invaluable network for all times to come. Student gets an opportunity to explore, imbibe and leverage best practices of the foreign destination of partner university or the 3 Continents and gains from experiential, hands-on learning in cross-cultural environments with inputs and guidance from International faculty and mentors. Lectures and tutorials are taken by leading international faculty. This practical hands-on program allows each participant to learn about the economic environment, business practices, various technologies, customs and traditions of multiple countries. Industry interaction, cultural awareness, foreign language training, travel excursion and experience in a new technological environment allow each student to gain deep insights. Students are groomed in such a way that they become global entrepreneurs through unique exposure to live projects, training, meeting with global CEOs, participating in Global Conferences etc. Students pursue research & experience-based projects needed in an intercultural environment where they showcase their skills to communicate across cultures & hone skills in today’s globalized world.  Students visit companies, industries and institutions of excellence in 3 different continents and learn from the best practical applications across three different economies of the world.

‘International Programs’ are also the smart choice for those students who are sceptical to go abroad immediately after finishing their XII as parents find them not so mature to manage on their own. Students get trained in the University environment in the first part of their studies at Amity in India and prepare for the foreign University environment. Amity does complete handholding in the entire procedure and smoothly transfers once students are confident enough to join the later part of the course at their choice of University. Another beauty of the International Program for the personal growth of the student is that, apart from allowing students to do a part-time job, which helps them boost their confidence to work on the foreign land, it also gives them the experience of the industry while studying and earning for their livelihood. These degrees allow students to stay back in the country after their studies and get post study working rights, which make them work full time and start their careers with whooping salary packages. The proud alumni are successfully leading their life with jobs abroad and are setting up examples for thousands of aspirants seeking higher education abroad

For the ‘3 Continent Program,’ Europe and America are chosen as the destinations because they provide an experiential learning opportunity which is diverse yet integrated and different yet complementary economies that add on well to the initial exposure received in India. The UK and the US are both English-speaking countries where many Indians have preferred to go for further studies or career progression. The diaspora, cross-cultural environment and scale of development provides an excellent platform to experience the desired characteristics, growth, technology and impact of social & economic factors on one’s domain of interest. The academic & industrial institutions of the UK and the US are further able to provide the best learning outcomes that are integral to the success of the 3 Continent Program. The program opens opportunities overseas and gives an edge over others in the international arena, whether while applying for further studies or gaining employment opportunities.

The ‘International Program’ and ‘3 Continent Program’ students later are not just joining best of the companies abroad, they are expanding their businesses also in these countries, and reaching to their peak performance with the help of such amazing exposure which this program provides. And choosing these programs are one of the best decisions for a student preparing to be more than just a better professional and to be a truly global professional.

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