Aman Mittal, Vice President, Lovely Professional University

Aman Mittal is the Vice President at Lovely Professional University (LPU), one of the leading educational institutes recognized globally for its innovative, collaborative, and consistent transformative approach. He is a multi-faceted personality spearheading various verticals such as International Education, Information Technology, Growth, Marketing, Public Relations, and Entrepreneurship along with overlooking the overall affairs at the university. Adding to it, he is also responsible for roles such as Program Design and Implementation, Team Development and Facilitation along with Crisis Management and Prevention as well as Communication Planning at the university.


In today’s times, the importance of diversity and inclusion has taken a centric position making it the need of the hour. It is now realized and understood that any university can not be a successful, learning, and happy space unless they have diversity and inclusion as their core operations and embrace them whole-heartedly.

Universities embracing diversity and inclusion

Diversity implies the perception of a positive environment of an institution in the market. Inclusion, on the other hand, refers to its welcoming approach for individuals coming with different interests and goals. Adopting these approaches aids in overcoming and dismantling barriers by inculcating a thought process that opens minds to others’ viewpoints as well as to different mindsets and behaviors. Treading on this path paves the way for building an environment where students will learn and thrive.

Universities promoting these concepts of diversity and inclusion stand out as they embrace students the way they are. Today, universities engulf students from diverse cultures, ethnicities, religions, genders, and life experiences. They bring students together who not only compliment each other, but who challenge each other to be better via their differences, as well as who value the diversity of ideas, abilities, and viewpoints. By supporting these concepts of acceptance, the institutions gain recognition for being progressive. As far as the students are concerned, they are able to thrive and grow with ease in an exponentially assorted place that supports these causes.

Universities supporting these causes paving the way for the holistic development of students

Embracing diversity and inclusivity in a university ensures equal opportunities for all students. Meeting people from different parts of the world, living with them, and connecting with them, students get to know about each other’s lifestyles and preferences while living and studying together in the universities.

Inclusive culture at any university or workplace is the foundation that leads to the overall growth and development of the students. Career choices are highly influenced by diversity and inclusion provided as they expand the students’ horizons and empower them to adapt to new environments. When students grow in a diverse and inclusive atmosphere, they get an opportunity to polish their skills, develop immense respect love for each other’s cultures, religions, and orientations.

An environment that promotes diversity and inclusion propagates unity wherein students representing different states, countries, cities, or districts come together to celebrate each other’s festivals and share food, traditional practices as well as the history of their respective regions. Undertaking this path, opens up a completely new window of learning different values. It also helps in attracting, maintaining, and developing individuals who will serve and represent clients, partners, and communities to the best of their abilities with extensive global cultural knowledge. These values help in creating an environment where respect is the core value for one another and where each individual can grow and contribute to their full potential.

Summing up!

Implementing diversity and inclusion in any setup at any scale in a university benefits the institution and the individuals immensely. Not only the university gains recognition for being progressive but even the students are able to grow and develop holistically. At the same time, this diversity excels and enhances the career graphs. Interacting with racially and ethnically diverse peers shows significant positive gains in cognitive skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. Hence, all the universities are adopting diversity and inclusion policies to empower the students.

Universities play a vital role in the all-rounded development and behavioral wellness of students. They build students into intellectual professionals and transform them into an open-minded individual for life. It is of high need to build a nurturing and positive culture promoting diversity and inclusion on the campus. It benefits any university to foster an inclusive culture and a workplace where people feel appreciated, valued, and free to be themselves. Such open environments help in bringing out the best in an individual. Hence, these concepts must be adopted by one and all to benefit society in the longer run.

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