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Rajshekhar Ratrey is Senior Vice President for Product at SuperTeacher and holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Bombay. Apart from his prominent role in the Edtech sector, Rajshekhar is also an angel investor and a patent holder.


With the pandemic creating a necessity for teaching upgrades, the landscape of education has transformed significantly. Digital education refers to learning and teaching techniques that are carried out virtually. If teachers and students in India are thriving academically today, it is all thanks to digital education. But what is so unique about digital education? Is it proving to be better than in-school conventional education? Are teachers now shifting more towards digital education?

The answer is yes. As digital adaptation is increasing by the day, teachers are preferring online teaching methods for various reasons. Digital education, with effective technologies, is making the learning process easier. Some of the main reasons why digital education is raging as a trend among teachers are discussed below.

Ease of Teaching in Digital Teaching

Teachers have experienced a drastic change in the teaching process after the onset of digital education. They feel that important concepts are easier to teach using online learning resources and engaging content. The ease of connectivity with digital education has improved productivity levels as well. An added advantage of digital education is that teachers can give undivided attention to every single student. 1-on-1 attention is now possible with virtual platforms and interactive online classrooms. Teachers also reported that they could finally find a work life balance with online teaching.

Limitless Growth and Brand Building

Digital education is proving to be time-effective. It is also helping teachers create and build their own personal identity online. Online teaching platforms like SuperTeacher are helping teachers launch their own digital class. Teachers are able to connect with students across the country. All that teachers need to do is focus on their subject. Technology takes care of the rest including the tedious administrative tasks. This gives teachers a wider scope of career opportunities. This change is now shaping them into digitally equipped teaching professionals.

Digital Lessons Have Good Engagement

Another reason why teachers are preferring online teaching  is because students engage better with online learning content. Some of the lesson formats that are being used as part of digital education are:

  • Powerpoint presentations and slideshows
  • Excel sheets and simple tabular forms
  • Concept-based animated videos
  • Infographics for complex concepts

With a well balanced usage of graphic elements and text, teachers are able to hold students’ attention more effectively. It is also noted that teachers are able to make their subject more interesting for students with content choices online.

Digital Classrooms can be Immensely Personalised

Teachers find online teaching effective as they have access to students’ individual performance. Online features like customised assessment records and progress reports are helping teachers assess students more efficiently. There is also a facility to give audio and video feedback on the assignments online. This helps give specific feedback with ease.

Digital Classrooms can be Scaled Up Easily and have Multifold Benefits

With the onset of digital classrooms, teachers have the option of adding any number of attendees. This in turn, helps them  manage class strength as per requirement. Unlike physical classrooms, there is no constraint on the number of benches available. They even have the facility to split students into groups for sessions. This encourages students to participate in class activities. Another way of digital teaching is by recording quality content and lectures and presenting it to students online. The video files can then be circulated as learning resources among students.

Earlier, teachers were hard pressed for time as they grappled with syllabus deadlines. They were constrained to allocate extra time  for doubt clarifications to help students. But thanks to online teaching platforms like SuperTeacher, teachers connect with their students with ease. A win-win for both students and teachers, digital education is proving to be the way forward in the coming times in education.

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