Bharat Goyal, Founder, Director, Bhartiyam International School

Located in Uttarakhand, Bhartiyam International School emphasizes on imparting education with innovative ideas that can revolutionize the world we live in. The school offers an atmosphere opportunity, where personality is groomed, and potential is completely exposed. In an interaction with Higher Education Digest, Bharat Goyal, Founder and Director of Bhartiyam International School, talks about the new National Education Policy, the journey of his school so far, its USPs, and much more.


 What are your thoughts on NEP and its implementation?

The NEP is a genuine progressive step in the right direction and displays a clear mandate for action. Initiatives such as providing student choice, enhancing focus on basic number and linguistic skills, changing curriculum focus from content to skills, dedication on learning outcomes and experiential learning, recognizing the importance of liberal arts education and providing flexibility in the examination system are extremely appreciated. Long-awaited reforms in teacher education and emphasis on continuous professional development are extremely positive and important.

The success of any policy is based on its implementation, NEP can only be a success when all of India joins the bandwagon. There are countless examples of progressive policies being misinterpreted and distorted at the ground level resulting in an excess of litigation in all realms of education.

 What is the education market size in India now?

Industry market size of the area in which we primarily in is around 50,000 students. The education sector in India was estimated at US$ 91.7 billion in FY18 and is expected to reach US$ 101.1 billion in FY19.

The number of colleges and universities in India reached 39,931 and 993, respectively, in FY19. India had 37.4 million students enrolled in higher education in FY19. Gross Enrolment Ratio in higher education reached 26.3 per cent in FY19.

The country has become the second-largest market for E-learning after the US. The sector is expected to reach US$ 1.96 billion by 2021 with around 9.5 million users.

Please tell us about Bhartiyam International School and the journey so far. How is it becoming one of the best schools in Uttarakhand?

‘Discover Beyond Ordinary’ is the aim of Bhartiyam International School. At Bhartiyam we aim at providing quality education integrated with moral values which would give our students a confidence to stand tall in the world they would step out in. The school emphasizes on imparting education with innovative ideas that can revolutionize the world we live in. At the same time, an atmosphere & opportunity is provided, where personality is groomed and potential is completely exposed.

9th July 2012 was the day when Bhartiyam International School started operations. It was a very humble beginning in mid-session with just 74 students. The school has witnessed consistent growth in student strength, results and reputation. Today school boasts with many awards and accolades to its name and its students achieving heights at various National and International competitions. Our students have secured National and International Rank 1 in many Olympiads, our student Master Rishit Agarwal was selected for YUVIKA (Yuva Vigyanik Karyakram – ISRO – only student from the region). In the very second board exam result of the school, our student Kavya Arora of Class 12 secured 99.2% and AIR-4 in the CBSE Class 12th Board exams and this year in 2020 Rishit Agarwal secured 99.6% and AIR -2 in CBSE Class 10th Board exams. Not only in academic but the students have earned laurels in the field of sports as well, with 4 boys and 2 girls from our school representing the Udham Singh Nagar District Basketball team. 2 students represented the Uttarakhand State at the National Basketball Championship. Anshu Kumar of our school won the Silver medal at the 400 mt Track event in the State championship.

Not just achievements, Bhartiyam International School, has been the torchbearer of progressive change in teaching pedagogy and adoption of technology. This has made the Bhartiyam International School, the most preferred school for the parents of this region. The handling of the pandemic by the school was a milestone in the school’s journey. During the lockdown, Bhartiyam International School was the first school in Northern part of the country to start its online classes and with the complete schedule. The school had conducted all the events, assemblies, celebrations digitally and with complete involvement of students and parents. The school has been receiving extremely good feedback and appreciation from the parent, student and teacher community at large. I would like to mention that during Lockdown the school has temporarily served many outside students to help them with their online learning, as many schools were not able to start online learning classes initially for the first 2 months.

Who are your direct competitors?

In the local region, we have a good competition with schools like Delhi Public School, G.D. Goenka, Mount Litera Zee School etc. Since Bhartiyam is a residential school as well, so we face some competition from the reputed Boarding Schools of Nainital like Sherwood College, Birla Vidya Mandir, All Saint’s College, St. Mary’s Convent etc.

What steps the school is taking to train students and give them real-world exposure?

The students of Bhartiyam, are presented with ample opportunities to have real-world exposure. I would like to elaborate on a few of such activities. The students of Class 9 & 11 independently host the School Annual Carnival. This gives them an opportunity to plan, manage, present a massive scale event with a turnover running over 10Lac Rupees. The students manage the entire show, including sponsorships, advertisements, planning, execution, security, guest invitations etc. At the end of the event, they present the books of accounts and complete report to the senior management. This is a one of kind event which is very popular and gives students tremendous exposure and management capabilities.

Other than this various small school businesses are initiated by different class students, so as to develop the entrepreneur in them. School also motivates the students to do internships during the summer break, so as to give them better exposure.

What is the USP of the school?

The USP of the school is focused on understanding and doing away with Rote-Learning. The school has maintained its Student-First policy and that helps create an environment where our students can enhance their skills in their chosen field.

Is there any kind of Experiential programs for students that will help them to grow better?

Bhartiyam International School has inbound as well as outbound International Exchange programs. These programs are of different duration based on the preference and it helps the student to experience different culture and traditions. The students are sensitized with different cultures and it builds international citizens.

Apart from these exchange programs, the students of different classes also undertake a social initiative, these programs help students understand their responsibilities towards society and we have inclusive future citizens of our country.

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