Dr. Purushottam Bung, Director, R. V. Institute of Management

“Think Big and Achieve Big” – a motto that Dr. Purushottam Bung firmly believes in. As Director of R.V. Institute of Management located in the CBD of Bangalore, he strives to make his mark in management education, aiming to be recognized as a renowned academic leader – a researcher, consultant, and teacher. Initially, he began his career as an electronic engineer, but his unwavering desire for entrepreneurship led him to venture into the business world. With a wealth of experience gained from his entrepreneurial pursuits, Dr. Bung soon discovered his passion and a keen interest in academics. From there, he decided to pursue a career in Academics. Today, Dr. Bung boasts a remarkable 28-year experience in academia and industry.

Dr. Bung’s ultimate goal is to create his own unique identity in the world of management education. He is a true trailblazer who is not afraid to take risks and make bold decisions to achieve his aspirations. With his unwavering determination, dedication to his craft, and passion for teaching, Dr. Bung has become a shining example for all aspiring business school Professors.

Dr. Bung is not only an accomplished Professor but also an accomplished researcher and author. He has published over 28 articles in some of the most prestigious journals in his field, in addition to writing two books that have received critical acclaim. His impressive body of work has earned him numerous accolades and awards. Recently, he was recognized as the “Best Academic Leader of the Year – 2022” by the Bangalore Management Association (BMA) for his exceptional contributions to the field of management education.

In addition, Dr. Bung is a distinguished fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Sciences (WAPS), Canada and a research fellow of the Institute of Productivity (IOP), UK. These achievements are a testament to Dr. Bung’s commitment to his profession and his passion for driving positive change in the field of management education. His strong business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit and empathy for the learning community as a whole has earned him widespread recognition and inspired countless others to follow in his footsteps.

Experience – the true teacher

Dr. Bung has a wealth of academic experience, having served as a Professor and Director at the Karnataka Law Society’s Institute of Management Education and Research for seven years. During his tenure, he oversaw all aspects of the institute’s operations. Dr. Bung’s responsibilities included managing the admissions process, recruiting top-notch faculty members, strengthening research, organizing campus placements, maintaining academic rigour, fostering alumni relationships, empowering faculty members, obtaining accreditations and rankings, and establishing collaborations with industry and educational institutions – both domestic and international.

Dr. Bung gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of running an educational institute through extensive involvement in these activities. His comprehensive knowledge and experience have positioned him as a leading expert in management education, inspiring many others to follow in his footsteps. Dr. Bung says, “A true leader is not someone who stands above the rest but, rather, is the first among equals.” He firmly believes in participative leadership, where everyone can voice their opinions and ideas.

As a leader in the education industry, Dr. Bung understands the importance of empowering faculty members and giving them the freedom to express their vision, views and perspectives. He recognizes that they are the ultimate pillars of an educational institution and that giving them autonomy and freedom is a hallmark of a great institution. Dr. Bung’s leadership style is characterized by trust, openness and transparency. He believes that a leader’s role is to create a conducive environment which is diverse, equitable and inclusive and where everyone feels valued and respected. By encouraging dialogue and creating space for diverse viewpoints, he has fostered an environment of collaboration and innovation, leading to the success of the institutions he has led.

Dr. Bung strongly advocates the hybrid model and believes it works better for an educational institution than a pure collegial model. Traditionally, colleges followed the collegial model, where teachers were solely responsible for administrative and academic work. He explains, “A more effective approach is to have managers for administrative work and teachers for academic-related work. Hence, education institutions must hire specialized professionals for administrative tasks, while teachers can focus on curriculum design, teaching, research, training and consultancy.”

Leading the Transformation – Hallmark of a good leader

For Dr. Bung, the most important aspect of being in an educational institution is the transformation of students. At the RV Institute of Management, students undergo rigorous training and transformational process from day one. “To prepare them for the demands put forth by the industry, we have introduced a range of value-added courses such as business analytics, cloud computing, IoT, digital marketing, blockchain, AI, and many more. In addition, every Saturday, students undergo training in basic skills, soft skills, people skills, IT skills, pre-placement training, aptitude, health, and wellness, among others,” explains Dr. Bung. This echoes with the motto of RVIM which says “We prepare you for life”.

Dr. Bung understands that today’s job market demands much more than just academic excellence. Hence, he has made it a priority to equip his students with practical skills and competencies that are essential for success in the industry. By providing a holistic learning experience, way beyond the class room and the campus, that includes ability to work on real-world projects, access to world class MOOCs and e-resources, immersion programs, internships, etc., Dr. Bung has created a truly transformative educational institution. He also recognizes the importance of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for students who come from different races, economic backgrounds, and academic levels. Dr. Bung says, “Diversity is a key strength of any educational institution, and I am committed to making RV Institute of Management a more diverse and inclusive place.”

To achieve this goal, RVIM plans to attract students from different states of India and even from other countries. With the recent grant of autonomy by the UGC for 10 years, RVIM can now follow its own curriculum and academic calendar, which will help in attracting international students. Dr. Bung has also been actively participating in educational fairs and other forums to promote the institute’s brand in India and abroad. His vision is to make RVIM well-known internationally and to create a reputation for the institute as a leading educational institution that is open and welcoming to students from diverse backgrounds. By promoting inclusivity and diversity, RVIM is creating a more welcoming environment for students and also preparing them for success in today’s globalized world.

The Vision for RVIM

As the Director of RVIM, Dr. Bung shoulders various crucial roles and responsibilities, from admissions and placements to strengthening alumni relations, research, consultancy, collaborations, and overall grooming of the students. Under his leadership, RVIM has been re-accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with an A+ grade. Now, he is focused on achieving international accreditation, which involves a lot of hard work and dedication. RVIM’s recent achievement of the “DIAMOND” rating from QS-I Gauge, an international accreditation agency, is a testament to its relentless efforts towards excellence.

Talking about his vision, Dr. Bung emphasized the need for RVIM to continuously evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the industry and society. He envisions making RVIM an Institution par excellence and gaining a series of international accreditation. “In the next 10 years, our top priorities will be: adding new programmes, increasing the intake, building international collaborations, attracting international students, and introducing innovative courses in line with NEP. RVIM should be known not just for teaching but also for the research, consultancy and extension,” pinpoints Dr. Bung.

Today, Dr. Bung wishes to focus on niche areas like entrepreneurship, business analytics and healthcare management. He aims to organize more industry-oriented programs, conferences, workshops, seminars, MDPs, FDPs, and student internships. These initiatives will help students to gain practical insights and hands-on experience, thereby improving their skills and employability. He also wants to focus on research and consultancy work in these niche areas, which can help RVIM gain more credibility and recognition.

“We want all our students and staff to be Healthy, Entrepreneurial and Happy (HEH RVIM). This is what we believe in” concludes Dr. Bung.

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