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The second wave of the Corona Virus has struck. The country will be forced into a lockdown with daily cases exceeding 2 lacs. The waves might keep coming back up to the end of 2022. The Pandemic is far from over. Vaccinating the whole country will be a task. India’s huge population makes social distancing difficult.

We will have to sit at home for more months than we thought. The question is what do we do in this time. How can we use it more productively? Students who have completed their graduation can make the most of this period. New Graduates or students who are in their last year of graduation have got a buffer period of almost 2 years to set their careers.

The Years 2021 and 2022 provide an opportunity like never before. The economy is down, unemployment is high and we are forced to sit at home.  The economy will come back to normal after 2023. Things will get back to normal by then. Jobs will be created as the country gets back up on its feet.

So, students have a period of almost 2 years to do something with their careers as anyways they are sitting at home and even if they wish the chances of getting a good job are less during this period. Why not use this period to your advantage?

Every crisis presents an opportunity. Bigger the crisis, the bigger the opportunity. Here are 5 tips for new graduates to build a rock-solid career:

Decide on a good Post Graduate Course:

In today’s competitive world, being just a graduate never pays off. You need to have a powerful Post Graduate Degree. Post Graduate courses like CA, CS, CFA, CMA, MBA etc. can be completed within a short span after graduation and can give you a solid plunge in your career. They can increase your market value multiple times. Do your research and select a course that suits you. You can ask people who have already done it.  Calculate the return on your investment(ROI). Compare the cost of the course and the package you will receive on completion.

Join a good class:

The right coaching can be the difference between making a career or breaking it. Join a good coaching class which has delivered consistent results. See to it that the batches are of small size. That will make learning easy. The focus should be on conceptual clarity and tips to crack the exam. Nowadays online classes are available. You can sit at home and attend lectures. Don’t go for recorded video lectures or apps.

Treat it like your job:

Study regularly as if it is your work. Make a weekly schedule from Monday to Saturday. Sundays you can take a break. This will make the studies interesting and you will feel as if you are working in a small firm. Sundays you can keep for recreation & rest. Minimum 8 hours studies will be required.

Set small goals:

Break down your course into stages. Try to achieve one stage at a time. Keep six monthly goals. This will help you plan well for the short term and achieve your goals in the long term. Write down your goals.

Focus, Hard work & Discipline:

Focus is the key. It is built over a period. Cut down your distractions. Meet friends for a limited time. Limit your mobile time. Hard work and discipline will go hand in hand. Somedays you might not feel like studying, that is when discipline comes in.

When you finish your Post Graduation, you will be out in the market searching for a job. The Market will be booming by that time. You will be perfectly placed to gain from the upswing in the market. Chances of you getting a good job & a nice package will be high.

In the Investment world this is called bottom fishing. You invest when the market is at its lowest. Students should similarly invest in their careers. Invest in your career when the job market is at its bottom. When the market comes up, they will be the greatest beneficiaries.

Use this time well. All the best. Dark times are times of great opportunity for men of great stealth.

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