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Reports from the Ministry of External Affairs says that over 7,52,725 Indian students are studying in as many as 90 countries, with the US at the top having over 2,11,703 Indian students and countries like Uganda and Serbia at the bottom with one student each. “Over the years a lot of Indians have been overseas to pursue further studies and the number is only rising each year. Studying abroad greatly improves the aspirant’s career prospects in several ways and it helps you get in touch with newer opportunities by letting you out of your comfort zone,” says Kavitta Mehtta, a renowned education consultant and the Founder of 3RDiConsulting.

With businesses going global, most of the employers now look at international study experience as a huge positive when they recruit their future talents. In fact, QS Global Employer Survey Report, which is one of the biggest-ever surveys on this subject, found that 6 out of 10 employers around the world give extra credit for international student experience, and more than 80 percent said that they actively sought graduates who had studied abroad. “Well, it is a fact that most of the organizations are pretty much interested in hiring those aspirants who have studied abroad, mainly because of their enthusiasm towards exploring innovative ways and the confidence which they possess towards handling various challenging aspects in life,” opines Kavitta, who holds dual master’s degree, one from India and another from the UK.

The Survey also claims, 80 percent of those who responded believed that their time abroad helped them acquire their first position due to valuable skills developed overseas, like tolerance for diversity and ambiguity, communication skills and adaptability. “Studying abroad is the biggest career booster. It makes you industry ready to work in a multicultural environment,” pinpoints Kavitta. However, with an abundance of useful and fake resources on the internet, study-abroad aspirants are more confused than ever. Today, if you want to find the perfect match for your study abroad dreams, then you would definitely need a trusted mentor who can sift through the digital noise and help you to find the best place overseas.

“Confused? Always! This is one of the biggest dilemmas in every student’s life. The first step towards carving their path involves mentoring them to understand them better,” says Kavitta. As a social entrepreneur, Kavitta has been offering a broad range of educational consultancy services for students, graduates and those looking to develop or even change their careers. Having studied abroad, Kavitta has experienced the troubles that a student faces in making these decisions. In Mumbai, she runs 3RDiConsulting, which works with students across India and worldwide and has delivered careers and education advice to over 2000 people. Kavitta states, “We are myth busters. Most students today have inadequate knowledge about the reality of study abroad. There are myths about the course offerings, work options, visa regulations, and many other factors, with our expertise we make sure we help them clear these doubts and find the right match.”

Easing the Process of Finding the Best

As a professional firm with the ultimate goal to find the perfect match for each student, 3RDiConsulting has been counseling students for further studies in India and abroad, helping them with the entire process right from selecting the course, country and university to the whole application process and decision making till the visa approval. The organization provides reliable and professional advice and educational products to students in order to empower them to build their careers. “3RDiConsulting is your one-stop-shop for all university applications. Kavitta comes in with rich experience in this space which helps students plan their university applications in a systematic manner – she provides guidance right from the required GMAT score for a particular school, shortlisting of schools as per an individual’s preferences up till the visa application process. Unlike many other education counselors, Kavitta personally reads and edits each essay, which is a very critical component of each application,” says Amir Munshi who now studies MBA in San Diego University, US.

“Sometimes a student is not sure about what their true strengths are. They do not know what career pathways their aptitudes might support. There are also other factors that might impact their career choices,” pinpoints Kavitta. At 3RDiConsulting, an applicant would go through various tests like Aptitude Tests, Psychometric Tests and Brain Mapping to understand a profile of strengths and weaknesses on several parameters of skills like verbal, numerical, spatial, mechanical, interpersonal, creative, art, design and many more. Expert analysis of aptitude results combined with informed career counseling leads to optimal utilization of educational opportunities so that a student can enhance strengths, overcome weaknesses to grow towards his/her career destination.

After a series of tests to identify the interests and motivations of the applicants, Kavitta and her team at 3RDiConsulting would go the next important task, which is the University selection process. Kavitta explains, “Selecting a university involves consideration of multiple factors like student profile, family budget, and location preference. It is also important that we successfully find the perfect match for each student in alignment with his/her future goals and career aspirations. We also put our students in touch with our alumni network to facilitate their research and help them in the selection and short-listing process.” Cost of study, Availability of Course and Specialization, Reputation of the University, International Student ratio, Employment Opportunities, Location/ Weather, Prospects of Further Education, Funding/ Scholarship Options, Student to Staff ratio and Faculty/ Infrastructure are the major factors put into consideration while selecting a university abroad.

“Once we identify the course and university for an applicant, we will send complete, correct and on-time applications to universities. We work in sync with students and parents from any city to streamline application procedures and meet all deadlines,” claims Kavitta. Applications abroad are competitive. To get in the top schools one must have a holistic profile. This needs early planning. Kavitta adds, “UG students should typically start working on the profile from as early as Grade 9. Those seeking a Masters or MBA degree, should start immediately after Grade 12 and continue till the final year of your undergraduate degree.”

Ishika Jain, who is now studying BSc Psychology at McGill University, Canada, is one of the many beneficiaries of the counseling given by Kavitta at 3RDiConsulting. She says, “Kavitta really helped me hone on what I needed to express and helped me portray the best version of myself to various admission offices. I am very grateful to have been under her guidance for 2 years through high school as she helped me with not only finding out my dream university and program but also getting there.” A stand-out resume and carefully crafted essay are integral parts of the application process. 3RDiConsulting helps the aspirant to compose a resume in the crispest and effective manner by highlighting strengths and activities that will portray them as attractive applicants.

“When it comes to the essay part in the application, most students are confused and don’t know what they should include. We have brainstorming sessions to help them choose the best topic for each university. We also help them with editing. Our editors make sure they do a detailed study of the student profile and university before editing the same,” shares Kavitta. A complete application comprises filling the Application Form and submitting all supporting documents. Each university has different requirements and there could be specific requirements according to the country or course. 3RDiConsulting ensures that all guidelines are followed and guides its applicants through competitive testing requirements, form filling and other processes that contribute to a strong and competitive application.

“3RDiConsulting has helped me present myself in the most befitting manner by guiding me through all aspects of my application process. Kavitta has been very supportive and made this entire process easy. She was always available 24X7, be it midnight or early morning,” recounts Dhruva Patodia who is now doing Masters in London Business School. For 3RDiConsulting, students come first. The personal touch and care Kavitta gives while dealing with every student personally makes the organization different from the rest. “Boutique counseling is what differentiates us. I ensure a smooth communication channel; approachability is one of our key advantages. Their success is all that matters. Over 10 years of experience in the field has taught me how to prepare an admissions application and maximize a student’s chance of admission,” elaborates Kavitta.

The best counseling does not merely involve aptitudes tests, profiles and scores, but a close encounter with your ambitions, strengths and passions. Knowing this, Kavitta always adopts a mentoring approach, which has helped thousands of students and young professionals achieve their potential. “Being student-oriented, the ultimate goal since the start has been to put their needs first. It is my dream to build next-generation world leaders and innovators,” pinpoints Kavitta.

Promising a Budget-Friendly Education with Hassle-Free Documentation

According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), more Indian students are now going abroad to pursue higher education. In fact, spending on tuition and hostel fees by Indians studying overseas has gone up by 44 percent from $1.9 billion in 2013-14 to $2.8 billion in 2017-18. “Cost of studying abroad is the number one concern for most students and parents. This includes not only the cost of the program itself, but also the cost of accommodation, food, books, traveling and other expenses. All this creates a need to generate a reliable source of income,” opines Kavitta. Funding options are extremely competitive with students from around the world vying for the limited funds. Therefore, in addition to strong and consistent academic records, students need to differentiate their application with evidence to show outstanding contributions to the community, leadership, initiative, innovation, and enterprise. Different types of scholarships include merit-based, subject-specific, program-specific, destination-specific and need-based.

“Scholarships, funds, and aid for studying abroad are based mainly on consistent high academic scores and overall excellence of profile. We at 3RDiConsulting help students with these applications based on their profiles and merit,” claims Kavitta. On the other side, besides having a valid passport, financial documents and so on, it is important that the students fulfill the formalities of student visas. “The merit of your visa application lies in the veracity of your intent to study abroad, ability to provide sufficient documents of proof and your confidence in clearing the interview. Applying for a student visa, officially called the Tier 4 (UK), F1 (USA) and so on, can appear to be a straightforward affair,” reminds Kavitta.

During the Visa application process, taking advice from non-qualified consultants or relying on information from family and friends can lead to mistakes. Each application is unique in its way and what worked for one person may not always work for others. With a 99.99 percent success rate, 3RDiConsulting ensures that they help the students prepare these documents in advance, making the transition hassle-free for every aspirant. Kavitta says, “Student visas can be a mind-boggling task and we prepare students to navigate the course to enter the country of their choice. We guide each applicant with the documentation and conduct mock interview sessions so that they are confident during their actual interview.” The experienced counselors of 3RDiConsulting understand the questions as well as the expectations of the visa officers, which ensure that the applicant’s journey towards their further education is smooth.

What More to Come in the Future?

“In the near future, we aim to develop an App for the convenience of the students and enhance their experience. We are also establishing a YouTube channel, which will be informative and rich in content, helping students with various issues or queries,” shares Kavitta. As an endeavor to keep students updated on topics like visa regulations, new course offerings and economic conditions of a particular country, Kavitta wants to keep her YouTube videos brief but informative. She adds, “We are also tech-savvy and make sure the team is always connected and available to connect on all social media platforms. Furthermore, I can say that I am always a phone call away for all my students and provide online counseling via Skype and other tech platforms.”

In the short run, Kavitta also wishes to expand her services across the suburban areas in Mumbai with a 5-year goal of opening newer branches in Tier 2 cities as well. She claims, “Over the past few years there is an increasing trend of students from cities like Raipur, Nagpur and many more willing to pursue higher studies abroad. I wish to provide them with the best and help them achieve the potential they deserve.” At 3RDiConsulting, Kavitta is also aiming at institutional tie-ups, specifically schools and colleges with a desire to provide holistic growth on a large-scale basis. “We work closely with multiple organizations that can be advantageous to students. Beyond individual counseling, I have indulged myself in seminars at schools and colleges too,” pinpoints Kavitta.

It is true that you are taking in twice the knowledge when you study abroad, and it is no surprise that employers are eager to hire individuals with international experience. However, finding a trusted education consultant has always been a problem for Indian students, as the study-abroad consulting market in India is clogged with numerous small, medium and large players. “When you are about to make one of the most important educational decisions of your life, what you need is a dependable counselor by your side and that is exactly what Kavitta offered me. It truly made the difference in ensuring that I got accepted into HKUST. If you are looking for someone who can be depended upon, look no further,” recommends Kshitij Shah, who did MBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2017.

By giving students a personal touch beyond professional realms, Kavitta has won many hearts and has helped to materialize the dreams of many. In the years to come, when more young Indians wake up with aspirations of global education, they do not need to look anywhere else, as Kavitta Mehtta and her 3RDiConsulting are here to stay as the one of the most trusted study abroad consultants in town.

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