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In a country with immense potential for higher education, numerous educational institutions across India have proven to provide quality education to students. With 54 central universities and 416 state universities, India has attracted students from all over the country and abroad to study courses in medical, engineering, and hospitality fields, among others and continues to innovate its practices through digitization and improved government policies.

With the pandemic at the back of everyone’s mind, colleges all over the world have been forced to create alternatives to cater to student needs. Thanks to technology like video conferencing, google classrooms and educational apps, the education sector has experienced a paradigm shift in practices and methods. With the internet at our disposal and a seemingly endless amount of innovations and ideas, education from the school level to the post-graduate level has become more accessible than ever before. The pandemic has only sped up the process and many institutions are considering never looking back.

Housing some of the most reputed colleges, India is home to leading colleges in all academic fields and inspires students from all walks of life. India has also become a hub for industry, thus continuing to have numerous opportunities for graduating students. In recent years, the field of engineering and technology has gained popularity as we look into the future, attracting professionals from around the world. With this in mind, students come to the Indian subcontinent for quality education.

In this issue, we want to list some of the best universities in India and showcase their innovative and future-forward approach to education. This month, we present ‘25 Must-Watch Universities in India’ as a way to laud these fine establishments that offer the best to learners from across the country.

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