Sreeja Mani, Former IT Student, RMIT University, Australia

Completed Bachelor of IT at RMIT University, Australia, Sreeja Mani went to RMIT via a pathway program through RMIT’s partner institution Cornerstone College in Chennai. Now she is UX/UI Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She says, “I research, design and learn. Now, designing my way into the UX world, I am passionate about creating experiences rather than products.” In a conversation with Higher Education Digest, Sreeja Mani talks about her learning experience at RMIT University, the importance of getting international exposure and much more.


What inspired you to enrol at RMIT? 

I was attracted by its international ranking, student life, prospects of graduate and incredible support to students coming from the university

Any challenges you faced during your pathway program at RMIT and did RMIT staff support you to overcome your challenges, if yes, please explain how?

Initial days at RMIT, I was a bit overwhelmed by assignments and deadlines but the tutors, lecturers guided me through the drop-in session which helped me greatly to overcome my fear and anxiety.

How’s your experience pursuing your Bachelor’s program at RMIT- what do you like most about studying at RMIT and what more do you think can be done?

It was highly informative and knowledgeable, I learned various new subjects, concepts and ideas through the course which is still guiding me till this day. It would have been a much profitable experience for students if they had offered an internship as a subject to get industry exposure.

What are the prospects in your field of IT/ Computer Science, according to you?

There are numerous divisions/categories under this such as networking, cybersecurity, programming, developer and UX/UI designers as well.

Do you think you are getting international exposure in your field?

Yes, I definitely do. I have worked with four different startups based in Melbourne for the past 6 months and it has been highly beneficial to mould my career.

What kind of international exposure are you getting right now?

I am working as a part-time UX/UI Designer at a startup and building a website for the company, working and interacting with different teams and clients in the process.

Do you think it is important to get international exposure for students’ studying in the field of technology? Does it matter really?

International exposure is crucial in the student phase as it teaches you a lot of things, apart from technical or educational knowledge you get, it will help you develop soft skills/ management techniques, working as a team in a collaborative environment.

What would you like to recommend to students who are still undecided on enrolling themselves for pursuing a course in the field of IT or Computer Science?

It is not an easy path and takes a lot of self-learning and hardwork. But it can be an amazing job industry if you could get through your competition.

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