Mohammed Zeeshan, Co-founder & CEO, MyCaptain

Mohammad Zeeshan, CEO & Co-Founder, MyCaptain is a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with a keen interest in Policy, Education, and Impact. His vision has always been to impact Education and bring a societal mindset shift when it comes to Careers in India and all across the World, and MyCaptain is a step towards this. He has tried to merge his technology know-how with his passion, to build something unique.


Over the past few years, the career scenario in India has drastically transformed. From being obsessed with engineering & MBBS to giving passion and interests a fair chance, the professional world has evolved by leaps and bounds. Still, there is not much awareness about the plethora of options available. According to the Times of India, around 93% of the students are only aware of just seven career options whereas there are around 250 career options in India.

The growth of Ed-tech platforms is slowly bringing in a change by supporting people in exploring their interests and letting them try their hand at it professionally. Now, the options and opportunities have grown exponentially. 2022 is the year of unusual yet successful careers.

Let’s have a look at some of these unusual career options that you can consider this year

Ethical Hacking

The job of an ethical hacker is to identify flaws in an organization’s information technology systems so that they can be fixed and the data can be preserved from malicious hackers.

An ethical hacker reports any vulnerabilities they discover and come up with solutions to deal with them. Ethical hacking has become increasingly important in helping firms stay one step ahead of unethical and malevolent attackers, because of the rising usage of technology and the rapid pace at which it evolves. Private data security is more crucial than ever.

Video Game Tester

Earning by playing video games sounds like a dream. However, the truth is that there are video game testers who earn plenty by just playing newly released game. Video game creators rely on players to test their games. A video game tester makes sure that every feature of the game works and that there are no problems or flaws throughout the stages and sequences. Video game testing requires thorough and meticulous attention.

To work as a video game tester, no degree is required. Working at a development firm may inspire you to advance your profession and become a video game designer.


With a shorter attention span among people, visual content has taken the lead in the world because of its easier and effortless consumption of content. Visuals help in quickly grabbing attention of the audience and delivering the message in minimal efforts.

Types of designing jobs:

  • Graphic Designing
  • UI & UX Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Fashion Designing


In the age of the digital world, working for a corporation is no longer compulsory, an individual with any market-required skill set can monetise it and provide it as a service to clients and earn a living. Freelancing has enabled people to earn while working according to their terms.

Some of the benefits of freelancing:

  • Freedom to choose your clients
  • Constantly growing skillset
  • Control over working hours
  • Multiple sources of income
  • Better exposure than corporate employees


Photographers have to combine their technical expertise with their creativity to capture moments that tell a story or document an event. Photography as a profession allows you a great deal of freedom. Now, Photography is a well recognised career path with a good future. Many platforms have emerged where people can be work on their photography skills.

A degree in photography is not required for a successful career in the field. All you need is a keen sense of aesthetics and creativity, as well as a lot of concentration.


Content creation has gained a lot of attention in recent times, thanks to the exponential growth of multiple social media platforms. There are many platform specific as well as general influencers in the market whose job is to create content to entertain, educate and inspire thousands of people. Anyone with a knack for content and creativity can become an influencer and make an earning out of it.

This rise in influencers and their relevance has given rise to influencer marketing. Marketers are on constant lookout for influencers to do their product placement.

3 important things to know to become an influencer:

  • Platform
  • Target audience
  • Tonality

Machine learning

Machine learning is a part of AI that focuses on data and algorithms that allow machines to learn a task with little or no human interaction.

If you’re interested in data, automation, and algorithms, machine learning is a good career option for you. Your day will be filled with evaluating huge amounts of data and applying and automating it.

These were just some of the unpopular career options which are way different from a normal 9-to-5 job and which can help you earn well. Anyone with the right set of skills can break into any of these fields with ease.

Accordion to LinkedIn, Social media management, game development, and digital marketing are in high demand with some of these businesses seeing a 400% increase in demand.

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