Varun Jain, CPA, CMA, CEO & Lead Instructor, Miles Education

A Harvard business school alumnus, Varun is the CEO and Lead Instructor at Miles Education. Popularly known as one of world’s favourite CPA/CMA instructor, Varun has trained over 40k (and counting) CPA & CMA aspirants in India and across the world. He is extremely popular for his high-impact and high-energy videos for CPA and CMA, and his YouTube videos have cumulative views of 50MM+. Prior to co-founding Miles, Varun worked with Deloitte Financial Advisory Services and has been an investment banker at Morgan Stanley.


The Accounting and finance temping have changed significantly as nearly 87% of companies worldwide are facing a skill gap challenge. With competitive qualifications and certifications under your belt, you may look to set an equal footing with game-changing leaders and competitive professionals to brainstorm ideas, think innovative solutions and win your decisions, but not sure about the nitty-gritty pathways to pick the right career to fuel your future? We got you covered! To ease the catch-22 situation and zero down your future career choice, read on about a few competitive and ground-breaking finance & accounting careers to explore.

Auditing/Accounting Manager

Financial stability defines the business success of a company, public or private. And, hence Auditors become a differentiating factor as they analyse financial data, help business leaders with informed decisions, comply with tax and regulation, forecasting growth, build qualitative financial reports to help investors and stakeholders understand company’s goals and growth strategy. Auditors leverage exponential technologies to build transformational insights and consistently deliver qualitative auditing service. A recent study suggests that the demand for auditors will see an increase of 7% by 2030. The average median salary for a fresh auditor ranges between INR 7-10 LPA. The job is a typical match for professionals with a CPA, CMA or CIA certification.

Financial Analyst

Often referred to as rock stars’ in the finance world, Financial Analysts play a key role in the banking, investment and insurance sectors. They evaluate investment opportunities for individuals and companies and consult them to diversify their investment portfolio and expand profits. A key function of financial analysts is they assess the risk involved in investment decisions, advise on insurance, analyse the performance of different types of investments and build upending investment models. The average median salary for finance analysts is INR 5 LPA and the career growth is projected to grow 6% by 2030. Finance & Accounting professional with a valid graduation or global financial certifications like CFA, or FRM are a best fit for this role.

Risk Managers

Financial organizations to outperform in an uncertain risk-prone environment need the touch of financial risk managers (FRMs). They work with new-age technologies & tools to detect fraudulent activities, money laundering, and cybercrime and credit loss activities. GARP Risk Career Survey reports that over 18.3% of managers hire risk management professionals as they build business models, compile risk data and technically support organizational leaders in central banks, treasury department, MNCs, monetary authorities and financial institutions to mitigate financial risk, event risk, credit risk and operational risk. They are responsible to make a direct impact on organizational success. The average median salary for risk professionals is up to INR 9 LPA and the annual growth is expected to grow by 7%. Finance professionals with CFA or FRM certification have wide career scope in this domain.

Equity Research

Equity Research Analyst helps investors or companies to escape the labyrinth of information. The role exposes finance professionals to gear cutting-edge financial analytical, reporting, forecasting, valuation and consultation skills. They produce quality financial information that helps companies or a group to future trends and earning value. They consult clients with advisory support of entry and exit positions in buying and selling stocks. The average median salary for an Equity Researcher is 8 LPA and the market scope is expected to grow. The best degrees and certifications that can make you an exceptional equity research analyst are MBA, CFP, CFA or CPA.

Finance Controller

Companies need a strategic vision in a competitive and agile environment, and Finance Controllers no wonder make it possible as they have a keen eye and a big picture in mind. They believe accuracy can fuel finance operations, strategy and leadership in companies. Getting into this role will provide finance professionals a wide exposure to budgeting, reporting, accounting policies, cash flow management & finance decision making. The role also provides you a chance to work with CEOs and CFOs to solve complex global tax, compliance issues, supervise financial planning & forecasting, manage risk and monitor internal controls & policies. The average median salary of Controllers is over 15 LPA. The career scope for finance controllers is expected to grow 19% by 2026. The suitable certifications that can get you to notch these top-end positions is CFA, MBA, CMA or CPA. 

The future can be daunting if you are not able to find suitable careers despite having upending qualifications under your belt. To decide on your career long-term, the above list of careers may give you the right focus about your future career growth and success.

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