Anand Prakash, Co-founder & Head of Academics, Vedantu

Anand Prakash is Co-Founder & Head of Academics at Vedantu, Vedantu – India’s leading online tutoring company which enables students to learn LIVE, with some of India’s best-curated teachers. Anand co-founded Lakshya in 2006, along with his childhood friends Pulkit Jain and Vamsi Krishna. Lakshya, their first educational venture which was a Test Prep company and later acquired by MTEducare, a listed company, in 2012. Vedantu is their second venture together in education. Together, Anand, Vamsi and Pulkit are a perfect combination of teachers and edupreneurs who have personally taught and mentored more than 10,000 students.


For ages, education was restricted to classrooms with blackboards, desks, and instructor-led teaching methods. Today, a considerable number of parents worldwide are opting to home-school or assist their children’s learning with online resources, because they have the freedom to choose what type of learning methods best suit the children. LIVE Online Learning is increasingly becoming a popular choice amongst all. It has torn down barriers of the traditional learning process and has given space for students to learn more effectively and flourish, especially in the last few years. Online learning has proven to be a colossal improvement in the educational framework by opening doors for students to buck up in subjects that they find difficult, improve overall learning outcomes or even acquire specific skills by learning their favourite subjects more deeply. 

Here are the top 4 reasons why parents should consider online learning to help children attain their educational goals:

  • Personalized learning – Online learning adopts a student-centric learning approach. Curriculums are designed based on all kinds of learners and learning styles in the online classroom, so every student can learn at their own pace and clear their doubts instantly, one-on-one with the teachers. Also, every year, the number of aspirants for competitive exams keep growing. Unlike the traditional methods, online learning proves to be a beneficial source to build critical thinking skills required to ace these exams. Parents can also find competitive exam-specific LIVE online learning platforms to ensure the child gets holistic training.
  • Greater flexibility – Online learning gives more autonomy to students who want to learn while sitting miles away. With online learning, students can learn from anywhere and everywhere, at any given time. This also saves them a lot of time enabling them to interact and learn more productively. Students can also clarify their concepts by revisiting the pre-recorded online sessions whenever they may require.
  • Gamification and interactive environment – Gamification through Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides simulation of concepts which helps children understand a topic more thoroughly. Features in online learning platforms like incentive-based rewards, level advancement through badges, leader boards, fastest finger first, appreciation through dhols and the likes, help drive student engagement, thus, increasing their knowledge base.
  • Affordability and accessibility to quality teaching – Thanks to technology, the infrastructural cost has been lowered and helped online learning reach students at scale. Where quality teaching could not reach, now, students can easily access quality education from India’s top teachers at a much affordable price because of greater accessibility. 

Online learning offers endless opportunities to learn new topics, experience customized learning at the student’s own pace and get access to the best teachers from across the country. With this new normal, even with schools re-opening, we are observing a collaboration of online and offline channels to create hybrid learning approaches that provide students with ubiquitous content and learning. Online learning has not only brought forward a new world of education, but also has the full potential to become this student generation’s new favourite classroom. 

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