Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, Provost, HSNC (Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate) University

The importance of academic excellence in the making of a highly successful first-generation business entrepreneur is perhaps best personified by Dr Niranjan Hiranandani. As a student, he had the distinction of standing second during his graduation from Mumbai University in his Bachelor of Commerce Degree Hons. This was followed by completing F C A from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Adding a new dimension to his versatile personality, it truly befits the new role of academician for one who started his career as a teacher to the students learning Chartered Accountancy. Over the years, he has set up the Hiranandani Foundation School, successfully run the academic institutions of the HSNC Board – it is only in the fitness of things that his wish to go further and become an educationist comes true as Provost of the newly set up HSNC University in Mumbai. Excellence was not confined just to his studies as the ‘Developer extraordinaire’ as also ‘the one who redefined the skyline of Mumbai’, he has evolved into not only an industry leader but also an Industry Knowledge Guru.


The newly announced National Education Policy 2020 has been seen as an all glory announcement made by the Ministry of Education with a vision of Hon’ble PMO to encompass the flourishing future of Indian education system to compete with global standards. To begin with, the base of education from a tender age needs to be carved and moulded well for which role of teachers in instrumental. The NEP 2020 definitely aims at ways of relearning for students under the modern age of education inclusive of teacher’s wellbeing by setting up the new high professional benchmark.

When we talk about education at all levels with multiple entry and exit option, an added benefit is automatically applied to aspiring teachers. An individual can switch to professional experience without compromising on the academics and learn to teach in their course of interest. These help them in implementing techniques learned at work and bring that broad experience learning to the classrooms.  The option to switch between profession and academics draws huge advantage of practical learning that new age teachers would impart in the classrooms making it more relevant and worthwhile for evolving generation. Thus, it brings in the scope of continuous learning and upgrades professional efficacy in teachers to deliver the required competencies in a timely manner. The new policy widens the scope of upgrading one’s competencies to stay industry-relevant by conducting workshops, seminars, online teacher development modules which keeps the learning oil burning.

As we witness a revolution in education and learning methodology, the need for credible, sound and knowledgeable teachers across the industry shall amplify. It shall entice more youths to opt for teaching as a sound profession which offers growth and exposure simultaneously. The growth in demand for professional teachers will lead to an increase in the pay scale barometer. Considering the expansion of in-depth learning of off-beat courses will pave the way for teachers to pursue their interest and passion that they excel at. The NEP facilitates a perfect blend of learning and practising for the teacher’s community. As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”, and NEP will actually allow the teachers to practise more and enhance their skill of teaching. With a perspective to comprehend and acquire the skills taught, teachers will then improvise to address the subject upgraded every time.

The future of budding Indian minds is tread on the right path with elaborative changes that NEP has introduced in the Indian Education system. The aspiring aim to become global Education hub has permitted foreign universities collaborations to set up campuses in India, which opens up vast opportunities for teachers to get associated globally. The new national education policy proves to be a boon economically, intellectually and blending in professionally for teachers with an ambitious goal to impart Quality and Competitive Education for All.

Registering the integrated and disciplinary factors via the national testing agency for specialized subjects, the national education policy will also consider aspects where the best training is provided keeping in mind the current eligibility and further capability to prosper and get ahead in a radiant manner. The National Council Teacher Education (NCTE) will basis the recommendations of the national education policy structure an upbringing National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE) in 2021. The framework will also guide through the perquisites a teacher deserves adhering to the responsibilities they are obliged to perform.

The major empowerment that NEP 2020 will give is that it will be providing multiple subject expert certification courses, a major fillip to this profession. Chances of climbing the ladder of leadership & management roles in the education system will escalate while specialization will add to the teacher’s brief introduction at that stage.

The culture and community of teachers will remain upright and reputable as the commitment for professionalism, and career-focused factors will motivate the teachers to stay updated in terms of characteristics, vocational skills, academics and personality building. The enthusiasm in teachers for learning from peer-practitioners and upskilling every learning to an innovative form of teaching with the introduction of the policy will rise. Thus, the ones who shape the path of children will with a better determination also frame their paths with an intention to leap skills and have its impression on their students’ bright future. These traits in a teacher will begin to imbibe from an early stage of training to get a qualitative stance and efficient plan of action aiding the entire system. Hence, NEP opens the door of evolution for teacher’s fraternity in India to be vocal and get global!


More About Dr Niranjan Hiranandani

Even as a top real estate developer of a global repute to being the true ‘Real Estate Moghul’ of Indian Real Estate industry, Dr Niranjan Hiranandani always had an affinity towards providing quality education to society at large. The journey towards becoming an educationist started right with setting up the Hiranandani Foundation International Schools and Hiranandani Institute of Learning in his mixed-use integrated townships. He has the privilege of being on the boards of multiple educational institutions then chaired the HSNC Board where he looked after 17 colleges and 8 schools. Adding a new feather in the cap as an educationist, he also runs vocational skill training centres and institutions for interdisciplinary learning.

His ‘dream objective’ to enable an academic curriculum which would shape the young minds and transform them into an Industry Ready Profile has crystallized in the form of the HSNC University, Maharashtra’s newly set up Cluster University. As Provost of HSNC University, the journey is just a beginning.


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