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Parents today are too caught up in the rat race of ‘perfect’ parenting. In trying to ensure that their children are all-rounders and have an edge over their peers, parents forget to ask themselves an important question: What kind of life-skills can I inculcate during my child’s early development that will propel them towards a successful future? The Power of Make- Believe addresses this question. This well-researched book outlines that pretend play and purposeful discussions with parents accords children the gift of vocabulary and creativity that leads to effective communication skills, something that will benefit them throughout their life and career. With over sixty DIY pretend play activities, ten vocabulary enhancing ideas and several children’s book recommendations-based on topical concerns to spark a conversation and help understanding of worldly concepts in a constructive yet fun way-Merchant Doshi offers superb educational entertainment; a way to foster the overall development of children while they have heaps of fun with their parents!

This book is a testament to the author Shouger Merchant Doshi’s in-depth knowledge and expertise on the subject. She is a former journalist and lawyer and has also co-founded two incredibly creative companies. The first is called The Story Merchants, which manufactures children’s educational products based on pretend play activities, and the second, The Pinwheel Project, is an events company making children’s products and services accessible across India.

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