Mehul Raja, Chief Marketing Officer, Imarticus Learning

Mehul Raja is the Chief Marketing Officer at Imarticus Learning, India’s leading professional education company that offers training in financial services and analytics. As an MBA from Mumbai University and Leadership Management product from Cornell University, USA, Mehul has over 18 years of experience in Marketing and Sales. Previously, he has led the Marketing strategy, Digital Marketing, and Brand Marketing initiatives for some of the leading Edtech, telecom and BFSI brands.


The days when brands solely depended on traditional marketing approaches are long gone. With the advancement of technology, companies around the globe are adopting the digital route to establish their online presence. According to a survey, global digital advertising expenses were $283 billion in 2018 and increased to $332 billion in 2021. By 2024, this figure is expected to exceed $500 billion. With the importance of digital marketing apparent for brands to gauge, skilled marketers are more sought-after than ever before. The demand for professionals adept in social media, analytics, digital ads, sales funnels, etc., is skyrocketing as brands look to boost visibility, reach the right target audience, and ultimately drive sales and revenue through digital channels. This article outlines the benefits of making a career in digital marketing.

Chance to become a high demand professional

With everything digitised, companies are adopting digital marking routes to reach their customers. This has boosted the demand for marketing professionals who can help a company flourish in this digital age. According to a Goldman Sachs report, the digital marketing career scope in the Indian internet business alone would be worth $160 billion by 2025, which is three times its current value. In addition, according to LinkedIn, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” role is one of the top ten most in-demand careers, with 860,000 job openings. Hence, it is the perfect time to create a secure, long-term career as a digital marketer. 

Choose from the many career alternatives

Another compelling reason to pursue a career in digital marketing is the wide range of job roles available, including content marketer, social media marketer, mobile marketer, SEO professional, inbound marketer, creative specialist, and even online PR expert. Depending upon your skills, you can choose from the options available to start your career and put your creativity to work.

Better salary packages  

In digital marketing, there are many opportunities to earn handsome pay for your work. As per reports, the average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager in India is around ₹750,000 per year, while it goes up to  ₹15,00,000 for Senior Digital Marketing Managers and over ₹18,00,000 beyond that designation. The remuneration package varies according to your experience and expertise. A candidate with a more robust skill set can negotiate the best salary package. Even entry-level individuals can earn a decent income in the digital marketing field. Besides this, people can have other perks such as flexibility to work from anywhere, creative work and work-life balance.

Learn new skills and hone existing ones

You will learn from specialists and your work when you enter the digital world. In addition, you can leverage your existing skills; for instance, if you like writing, you can write blogs and create marketing copies for a brand or creative agency. Besides this, you may acquire various marketing skills online, such as email marketing, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing, strengthening your skillset and resume. Digital learning has no bounds. Once you’re into it, you can master any skill you choose to learn.

A great work-life balance

The pandemic has made many people reconsider their priorities in life, and work-life balance has undoubtedly become a top priority. Work-life balance is critical in increasing job satisfaction, improving productivity, and enhancing employee health. As such, another motivation to pursue a profession in digital marketing is the flexibility and work-life balance it provides. As most of the work is done on the internet, you can work from anywhere as a digital marketer. Indeed produced a list of the top 25 jobs for work-life balance, and digital marketing jobs such as content manager, creative manager, web designer, and data analyst made into the list.


Everything has moved one step closer to becoming digital, including the function. As a result, employers are looking for talented digital marketing specialists who can drive business objectives such as leads, revenue, and brand awareness. Are you enthusiastic about learning new skills, meeting different people and love communicating with others? Then digital marketing is an excellent career path for you. You can enrol in appropriate certifications and skill training offered by ed-tech platforms to advance your careers and grab high-growth opportunities.

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