Georgette Davey, Managing Director, Glion Institute of Higher Education

Georgette Davey brings over 25 years of experience in academic leadership and hospitality management. She began her career in education as a professor at University College Suffolk, where she spent eight years delivering courses in hospitality, leisure and tourism. In 2001, Davey joined the faculty of Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Glion’s sister school, teaching human resource management. She was also instrumental in developing curricula for the Les Roches Jin Jiang branch campus in Shanghai, China. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the University of East Anglia and a Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management from Sheffield Hallam University.


Whether it is globally or within the Indian service sector, the tourism and hospitality industry remains among the largest industries. Indeed, it is one of the industries that has been getting the hardest hit from the current pandemic situation due to its size and the lockdown measures implemented worldwide. The current situation will change the future of hospitality, but this sector has been constantly growing for over 30 years at a rate of three to five per cent per year and today weights 10.4% of global GDP, 4% of worldwide investment and represents 330 Million Jobs.  It will be a driving force of economic recovery. After the previous crisis such as 9/11 or the Great Recession in 2008, history tells us it is one of the most resilient sectors.

India was ranked 34th in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019 published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), and 3rd in Travel & Tourism’s total contribution to GDP in 2018 according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). With the diverse tourism portfolio of India: adventure, wellness, eco-tourism, religious tourism, and many more, India has grown the interest of international travellers. The increasing variety in travellers type requires the future hospitality leaders to learn from international institutions which offer a globally-focused curriculum and opportunities to gain experience abroad.

According to the WEF’s Global Competitiveness Index (2019), Switzerland ranked first in education as a result of its capability to attract talents from abroad due to its dual educational and vocational training system, combining theory and hands-on practice. India has created an important and well-prepared workforce in the service area through its vocational education. However, with the globalization in today’s world, graduates will also need to get international exposure by either studying abroad or gaining international work experience to move forward with their career. With the growth and skills gap in the Indian hospitality industry, it is also beneficial to include an academic and managerial side to the educational curriculum.

Glion Institute of Higher Education is part of Sommet Education, a unique education group specialized in hospitality management and the culinary arts, committed to delivering an exceptional student experience and developing future talent for the experience industry. We offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Hospitality, Luxury and Finance to an international student body across three campuses in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with the opportunity for our students to spend part of their studies in one of our sister institutions: Les Roches, with campuses in Switzerland, Spain, China, or Ecole Ducasse, our culinary and pastry schools in France. One of the latest additions to our portfolio of programs is the Master’s in Luxury Management and Guest Experience taught since 2018 by Dr Nicoletta Giusti, Clinical Professor and Director of the MSc in Luxury Management and Guest Experience, which follows the specialization in Luxury Brand Management launched in 2015 and is the first specialization of its kind to be offered by a hospitality management school.

Our educational approach is based on the Swiss educational system which includes both theory and practice. As a successful hospitality leader needs to understand all sides of the business, we require all our students to complete a practical arts curriculum featuring immersion in key hospitality divisions, such as kitchen, service and housekeeping. During their program, our students also follow business-related courses such as business development and strategy, management of food and beverage, or corporate finance. This method enables students to develop essential soft skills, such as communication, teamwork and leadership, as well as hospitality operations know-how. With the skillsets developed during their studies, our graduates not only become our indirect ambassadors but also greatly contribute to the industry. I would like to mention, Amit Bhosale, the Managing Director of the realty major ABIL Group and part of Hotelier India’s Power List 2019. The success of our alumni is what means success for us.

To equip students with the skills and experience required to actively shape the future, it is also critical for them to learn from individuals working in the industry. During the Bachelor and Master programs, students spend at least six months working in a company to build practical skills and have a better understanding of the workforce. These internships are the best opportunities for students to apply their practical skills and academic knowledge.

During these unique circumstances, we have implemented an exceptional training called “Leading Hospitality Through Turbulent Times”, with great insights on three major topics: Global Trends & Economic and Financial Impact, Strategies & Tactics, and Organizations, Leadership & Careers. This is an opportunity for our students to understand how to face crisis situations such as this one in order to be better prepared for their future careers.

We have been seeing a growing number of Indian students in the Glion Institute of Higher Education due to an increasing interest in the more traditional European hospitality practices and the branding of luxury hotels. The opportunity for students to grow and become the hospitality leaders of tomorrow is limitless with our 3 campuses in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, combined with the possibility to study at one of our sister schools, Les Roches or Ecole Ducasse. Indeed, with 98% of our job-seeking students having one or more employment offers upon graduation, we make sure our students get the best opportunities to start their careers.

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