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Industry experts have created short format videos that teach skills in a minute, while simultaneously raising awareness about the various sectors and job roles. Job Seekers can learn from each other and submit one minute video resumes of themselves. Corporates can go through these video resumes to find the right candidate for their open positions. It is a community for Job Seekers and Employers to get connected with each other.

With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving the Job market in disarray, recent graduates were among those who were severely affected. Safejob has launched an app that will enable youth to upskill themselves on the go and land a job. Instead of wasting precious minutes, it offers an engaging alternative to gainfully utilize users’ time to learn new concepts and skills. They can learn through short TikTok style micro videos, and at the same time apply to their dream jobs. They can upload their video resumes and present it to the corporates.

Divya Jain, Co-founder of Seekho

Divya Jain, Co-founder of Seekho says, “Given the short attention span of the millennial generation and Gen Z, this app focuses on bite sized learning in a simple to consume, question and answer format. Covering topics like job readiness, interview tips, industry insights, and tech tools, etc., it is all one needs to get ready to face their new career and life in the post COVID world.”

Seekho has partnered with NSDC to help them create awareness and Arun Pillai, Chief Strategy Officer of NSDC says, “NSDC is extremely excited to partner with Seekho to redefine the learning, upskilling and jobs space. We would like to build awareness for the youth of our nation and the short format video content is a path breaking way of taking this forward.”

“The community of creators are the corporates and the industry themselves, who have come together to give back to the community and our society. Learn about the movie business from Sanjeev Bijli or how to conduct yourself from Papa CJ. “says Co-founder, Arihant Jain. Industry stalwarts like Prashant Tandon of 1mg, Pawan Jain of Safexpress, Nisha Jamwal – Celebrity Columnist, have all joined its community of creators to create a platform that is working to empower and upskill the youth.

In what is being touted as a first among many, the platform is looking to disrupt the traditional hiring space. It offers a video first format where corporates can post their requirements, and job seekers can simply upload their own responses. Puru Vashishtha of Fintech startup Wishfin says, “Seekho is a fantastic idea that has really worked for us in terms of sourcing pre trained and pre assessed candidates for our sales and support roles. I have never seen a selection rate of 80-90% in hiring. This really helps us hire faster and easier.”

Ajeet Kushwaha, Co-founder Seekho says, “With Seekho, you can learn just about anything you want to, in a minute. You can even be a superstar teacher, host your channel and create learning content to make others learn and grow. Seekho is a world where knowledge meets seekers; where craft meets creation. Seekho is India’s first dedicated e-learning app that brings learning, creating, and sharing of knowledge, onto a single platform.” Prashant Tandon of 1mg says, “I’ve had the privilege of being a creator and a hiring partner on the Seekho platform. I really think it’s a fantastic app and their offering can truly redefine the upskilling and hiring space.”

Seekho’s beta version has been launched and it already has thousands of active users, a 4.8 rating on the app stores, 500+ creators and over hundreds of corporates.

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