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Benchmarked on contemporary global standards and committed to developing tomorrow’s talents today, the Seacom Skills University (SSU) operates as a self-financed university legislated by the Government of West Bengal.  A seat of pragmatic and holistic learning, SSU aims to provide quality technical education along with the development of intellectual qualities and corporate ethics—creating potential manpower for industries as well as research and development.

Seacom Skills University missions to improve the quality of individual as well as social life through quality education with embedded employable skills. The university intends to pursue education for the Good Life in every action and intent, with an inalienable attitude of respect to the interdependence and integration of knowledge and skills at every level of engagement. Managed by, Anish Chakraborty, the university envisions to be a pioneer in Education With Embedded Employable Skills Training (EEEST) in India.

Observing the rapidly changing pharma domain, Seacom Skills University understood the requirement of skilled professionals who can meet the dynamic challenges of the global pharma industry. Thus, the university established the Seacom Skills University’s School of Pharmacy in 2017. Currently offering B.Pharm and D. Pharm courses, the college is  Pharmacy Council of India and AICTE approved. “SSU follows all guidelines of PCI to maintain quality education. Apart from that, SSU has a MoUs with Life Science Skill council to enrich student education. Apart from the syllabus, we enable the students to study course related skill programs,” says Anish Chakraborty, Chairman and Managing trustee, Seacom Skills University. Apart from the School of Pharmacy, Seacom Skills University also has Department of Agriculture, Department of Microbiology and Department of Biotechnology.

Equipped with sophisticated laboratories, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and highly qualified teaching staff, Seacom Skills University’s School of Pharmacy is nestled within a sprawling 50-acre green campus

Enabling students to tap into their inner entrepreneurial talents, SSU has entered into a joint venture with Department of Agriculture. As a result, Pharmacy students produce Aloe Vera gel and with the help of Management students, they market the gel.

Equipped with sophisticated laboratories, showcasing the latest equipment, well-endowed library, computer laboratories, Wi-Fi facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and highly qualified, dynamic, young teaching staff, SSU is nestled within a sprawling 50-acre green campus.

Having adopted innovative case-based teaching methodology and pedagogy, the school of pharmacy ensures a 360-degree holistic development of the student. The college also assures individual care and special coaching for higher studies and competitive examination along with Soft Skills training and Personality Development workshop for each student

The management mission is devoted to providing an excellent and enthusiastic environment on the campus that will prepare the students to meet the global challenges and become next-generation pharmacy professionals. Their shared vision is to develop this institute into one of the premier educational institutes for studies and research in Pharmacy, internationally. Moreover, the college promises Scholarships & Financial Aid for meritorious and needy students with Bank Loan facilities. The college also takes immense pride in its team of faculty comprising learnt individuals of national and international repute. Similarly, to ensure that students and faculty are kept abreast of with emerging technological and industrial needs, the institute invites industry experts. The resulting interactive sessions offer opportunities for students and teachers alike to have a clear view of how the industrial cogwheels turn.

Moving forward, Seacom Skills University’s School of Pharmacy plans to extend the existing M.Pharm and D.Pharm divisions. “We have a plan to focus more on skill-based and job-oriented education. We also have a plan to teach some AI intelligence and other relevant subjects to all students for Industry Revolution 4.0.” concludes Anish Chakraborty.

Anish Chakraborty
Chairman Seacom Group

Message from the Chairman

In a rapidly advancing world around us, new technologies are emerging and fast discarding the old ones. People with new perceptions are pursuing the goal of a better world. We, in Seacom Skills University, are aware of this and endeavouring our outmost to participate in these changing processes. Our dedicated faculty and associates mould and prepare students to face these challenges. In fact, in this dynamic world, a student’s task is uphill. Therefore, our prime task is to ensure the all-round development of students to become a part and parcel of the rapidly changing world. It’s worth to think that our association with students is not just for a few years of study but everlasting.


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