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Having the largest number of youths in the world, India is producing graduates in huge numbers. However, when it comes to the skills required by the industry, there is a lot to improve. The reason for this mismatch is inadequate preparedness, and industry-academia connect. The lack of understanding about the requirements in the job market and faculty members not being exposed to the industry is where we fall behind.

Currently witnessing the fourth industrial revolution, i.e., Industry 4.0, the world is focusing on creating smart factories, smart industries, and smart manufacturing. Forcing traditional manufacturing processes to go through a digital transformation, Industry 4.0 is giving rise to a digital production system with intelligence. The massive transformation in the industry has changed the way companies approach recruitment and skill set requirement of their employees.

An ongoing endeavour, The Saanvi Degree College for Women, is giving its 100% when it comes to making their students ready for the industry. “Through campus recruitment training, campus placements, lectures by external speakers and industry experts, we are keeping our students aware of the industry’s requirements. We are encouraging them to know more about the companies and industry through researching”, says J Venkat Reddy, Chairman of Saanvi Degree College.

Established in 2013, Saanvi Degree College for Women aims to prepare young women to excel in all fields, be it academics, entrepreneurship, and higher studies. The institute has grown and has established itself as one of the preferred degree colleges for women in Hyderabad. With its relentless pursuit towards their goals, exposure to the job market and industry and excellent infrastructure, Saanvi Degree College for Women is all set to become the go-to college for women who aspire to achieve educational excellence.

J Venkat Reddy, Chairman of Saanvi Degree College

The importance of forming industry collaborations can’t be underemphasized. All educational institutes ensure that their students are well placed in the industry and make a mark for themselves in society. Hence partnerships with the industry are essential to get the students placed in the industry they wish to work in. “Our collaborations with the industry are not just for the internships and jobs, it is also for the corporate exposure and all-round development of our students”, adds Mr Venkat Reddy.

Stepping into the Future Industry

Completely invested in their student’s future, Saanvi Degree College has associations with companies like Titan Group of Industries, Shriram Group of Companies, Karvy, Decathlon, QConnect, GE-Genpact, Accenture, Google, Wells Fargo, and Friendly IT Consultants. Mr Venkat Reddy points out, “Our Institute holds a record of 90% Campus Placements, with key recruiters being the Titan Group, QConnect, Karvy, Accenture, Decathlon, Google, HSBC, GE, Genpact, TCS, Wells Fargo, Amazon, ICICI and many more.”

Dr Mounika Reddy, Principal, The Saanvi Degree College for Women

The students at the Saanvi Degree College are encouraged to be creative by challenging status-quo. They are given challenging situations related to self, family, society, and the nation, on which they can share their thoughts. Through internal and external motivation, the students are stimulated to work hard and focus on their studies. “Our students go through a serious of motivational lectures, discussions and videos to set their aim high, challenge their circumstances and achieve their goals. They also get a chance to share their experiences and learn from each other”, says Dr Mounika Reddy, Principal, The Saanvi Degree College for Women.

The institute also provides a platform for the students to motivate and encourage them to come up with their business ideas and boost their morale and help them explore the concept of entrepreneurship. Holding various workshops refining their entrepreneurial skills, the students have an inspiring example in their college itself, Dr Mounika Reddy, Principal/Director of The Saanvi College. Many of the students have been successful in entrepreneurship and are part of their family business.

Saanvi College is all set to face the industry by setting up plans for the future. Training the students in niche skills, the college is planning to expand their scope, strengthen their excellent efforts and have more industry collaborations to help their students and the institution as well. The Saanvi College takes pride in their discipline, academic performance, campus placements and all-round development of its individuals.

Achieving academic excellence and industry readiness, the students of Saanvi College get a chance to learn lessons for life and not just lessons provided during their course. “We make our students confident, successful and responsible citizens of India by honing their communication skills, interpersonal skills and assertive behaviour”, concludes Dr Mounika Reddy, who has received ‘WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR AWARD’ from ILDC & AMP.

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