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Bengaluru-based RV University is a State Private University founded on a vision to impart the fast-emerging area of liberal education on par with global standards. RV University is an initiative of RV Educational Institutions (RVEI), governed by Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST), which is regarded among very few value-based and quality-oriented educational groups in India.

Since its inception, RVEI has made purposeful strides in the educational industry. To date, it has successfully established 20 institutions from kindergarten to post-graduation. Through them, RVEI offers affordable and quality education to people from all sections of society with access to all spheres of knowledge, including arts, humanities, basic sciences, technology & management, teacher education, health sciences, and legal studies. Today, over 20000 students are seeking education from this group of institutions.

Prof. (Dr.) Y.S.R.Murthy, Vice Chancellor

Unleashing the power of Liberal Education  

UGC approved, RV University offers a diverse range of inter-disciplinary courses to students at undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. levels. It houses five different schools with specially curated programs in the following disciplines:

  1. School of Liberal Arts and Science: The study model at the School of Liberal Arts and Science in RV University is perfectly aligned to the all-encompassing spirit of the Indian civilization, with cherished European renaissance worldviews of ‘humanism, individualism, secularism, scepticism, classicism, and well-roundedness’. In addition, with a research-based and modern curriculum, young learners emerge as problem solvers in society.
  2. School of Design and Innovation: Here, students are taught to identify significant contemporary problems, inculcate critical thinking, and develop innovative solutions through collaborative team efforts. Students can acquire and hone skills and learn design theories, methods, and processes holistically with dedicated studio spaces.
  3. School of Computer Science and Engineering: This School at RV University focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and creative skills, communication, trade skills, data analysis and data sciences to deal with complexity and ambiguity. Recently, this School has entered a Memorandum of Understanding with Mu Sigma, the world’s largest pure-play data analytics and data sciences company to offer B. Sc. Decision Sciences (Hons.) programme with a job guarantee for its students, at the end of the course. All programs of the school offer an opportunity for the students to work closely with a network of stakeholders, industries, government policymakers, researchers, think tanks, and global organizations.
  4. School of Economics: It provides holistic education through a curriculum that balances theoretical and practical courses based on hands-on applications, skills, and experiential learning.
  5. School of Business: Students opting for this discipline are encouraged to take up research, projects, and self-study to stimulate their critical and analytical abilities and become independent thinkers and practitioners. They also gain knowledge and a better understanding of the real world and comprehend the complex issues that shape today’s global marketplace.
Prof. (Dr.) Dwarika Prasad Uniyal, Pro Vice Chancellor (Development – Leadership) – Founding Dean, School of Economics and School of Business

Why Choose to Study at RV University?

RVEI has an 80-year-old rich legacy of nation-building through education. It has a sustainable and environmentally conscious campus with world-class infrastructure backed by a team of highly accomplished faculty members with an outstanding track record in academics and research. Moreover, the curriculum of various schools is carefully planned and powered by an innovative teaching pedagogy. Likewise, students are facilitated with classroom education along with projects, research work, seminars, educational tours, workshops, and more to enhance their career prospects right from the beginning.

Prof. (Dr.) Piyush Roy, Professor and Founding Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Science

Additionally, RV University has collaborated with numerous international institutions such as Essex University, Siena College, Edinburg Napier University, Sofia University, SCOTS, and the University of Latvia, to name a few. It has also partnered with some of the leading national institutions, including Mu Sigma, GRAM, IFG, Helpage India, International Bridges to Justice, Human Rights Alert, The Kohima Institute, O.P. Jindal Global University, SVYM, SICHREM, IRM, Nature Dots, AINNI, Talentedge, Sochara, and CHRI.

Prof. Vinay Mundada, Professor and Founding Dean, School of Design

Recently, RV University launched a Centre for Visual and Performing Arts to bridge the gap between conservation, performing arts, and art education. The courses taught at this Centre will have their linkage with the liberal arts courses that the University offers. It will also provide ample opportunities for students to groom themselves to be career-ready and give accessibility to art education for all people.

Dr. Sanjay Chitnis, Professor and Founding Dean, School of Computer Science and Engineering

RV University – Powering the aspirations of a rising India

India is fast emerging as a force to reckon with, in the global arena, and RV University is putting all the building blocks in place to make this happen. In the coming years, RV University aspires to fulfill its ‘DREAMS’ of becoming a world-class university through Diversity, Research, Expertise, Academic Excellence, a Multidisciplinary Approach, and Student Friendly campus environment. On all counts, RV University continues to stand by its motto of empowering students to ‘Go…Change the World’.


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