Avinash Johri, Executive Director, CVTE India (MAXHUB)

Avinash Johri is the Executive Director of CVTE India – World’s No.1 LCD/LED Solution Designer. He heads the leading interactive and collaboration solution brand – MAXHUB. He is currently responsible for growing the CVTE group’s revenue by disrupting the market for AV-IT Products. His vision is to attain a leadership position for MAXHUB in India and SAARC countries. During his tenure of around 2 years at MAXHUB, he has helped strengthen the team and sales channel simultaneously. This has resulted in the MAXHUB brand being well-established with the current portfolio of products.


The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered the functioning style of multiple industries, education surely being one of them. With classroom doors remaining locked for a long time, educational institutions all across the globe increasingly leveraged technology, took to online platforms in order to ensure continuity of learning. Even now, as the restrictions gradually wade off, the Indian education ecosystem seems to be undergoing a significant shift. The system is transitioning seamlessly to a hybrid model, where a blend of online and offline education is likely to be the way forward.

The role of Audio Video (AV) technology is significant here as we strive to gain attention of students in class or hybrid mode who have become used to online classes. This technology makes class – fun, interactive and effective. By effectively engaging students, increasing their concentration level, enhancing their ability to absorb information – the use of EdTech is creating highly distinct hybrid learning experiences. But no solution is complete without ease of use for teachers. Only such easy to use and hassle-free AV solutions can sustain in the market.

There is a plethora of AV Solution in EdTech which schools can deploy. But the hassle is picking each component like interactive board, speaker, projector, microphone, camera, etc. AV Industry recognized this, and many renowned brands have come out with Interactive Flat Panels. These interactive panels combine all elements in one device without hassles of individual components or dangling wires. Panels that come with in-built cameras or can add additional cameras help in conducting guest lectures smoothly. There are solutions available that ensure clear voice and video across participants. Content creation Software like Bytello help teachers in creating content before class and present interactive content to students both in-class and online class.

Such New-age AV tools such as Interactive Flat Panels and Video conferencing devices, allow students to easily share content, ask questions, share feedback on assignments, chat, etc. with their peers and teachers. They also get the flexibility to attend live classes/lectures or even view the recorded versions later.

For educators too, AV tools offer umpteen flexibility, as all classes can be easily recorded for later use. Teachers can view the lecture recordings at any time to check each student’s engagement level in the class. Each student’s progress or results can be easily tracked or measured throughout the learning program. Teachers can then accordingly adopt new teaching techniques, practices or make changes to their content if required to create learning experiences that are more informative and impactful. Interestingly, in the entire process, technology enhances the performance quality of teachers and students alike.

Clearly, the adequate use of AV in the education sector has made a big difference and will continue to do so in times to come. Interactive learning in hybrid experiences is very important, and this is what AV technology helps us achieve. A research report states that interactive learning that uses a mix of AV technology, physical lessons and student collaboration increases student engagement by 60%. And unarguably, student engagement is more critical now than ever before.

There is no denying the fact that education has a key role to play in the overall growth and development of a nation. To let it flourish, a move towards technology is a must. In India, with an accelerating adoption rate of the hybrid learning model, the integration of AV can go a long way in enriching education and achieving bigger academic goals for the country.

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