Amit Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO, OckyPocky

Amit Agrawal is the CEO and Founder at OckyPocky, India’s first interactive learning app for kids. At the innovative start-up that uses cutting-edge technologies like NLP and AI to devise a self-paced learning program for kids, Amit primarily spearheads the culture, strategy and fundraising aspects of the business. Having completed his Maths Hons from St. Stephens College and MBA from IIM Bangalore, Amit went on to chart a stellar career graph with highly successful stints at Infosys and YouTube.


Think about any industry that holds significance in your life, and chances are that it has transformed entirely through technology over the past decade. Communication, travel, food, and entertainment are just some of the sectors that have been impacted by technology. The education space too is no exception. Technology is now a big part of learning, especially language studies. Many students are now turning to digital platforms in order to learn new languages and expand their horizons.

The benefits of technology in education

First and foremost, technology enables remote education, or e-learning, which allows a greater section of students across the country to get access to quality education. However, apart from this, technology also makes the process of educating students more efficient and ensures better learning outcomes. How? Here’s a look at how technology can boost learning outcomes.

How? It is through various tech-enabled interactive scenarios and basic game theory which allows students to be more creative and innovative with problem-solving situations. This makes it easier for kids to grasp and retain concepts by making learning fun. Apart from this, technology-driven learning platforms use rich audio-visual methods to capture and hold the kids’ focus, making it easier for them to concentrate on what they’re learning.

Moreover, technology can unlock the power of personalized learning. Since kids learn at different paces and in different styles, offline learning can limit their abilities by forcing them to change their learning styles. Tech-led learning platforms can adapt with different learning styles to help each student according to their needs. It can also allow peer learning models which allow for greater individualized learning. Thus, blending technology with traditional learning methods can have a greater impact on students and prepare them for success.

Finally, with technology in the mix, learning platforms can leverage data analytics to measure kids’ progress and give them feedback to boost the overall learning experience. It is an efficient way of ensuring that kids are on the right track and course-correct if needed.

The role of online learning in language learning

Coming back to language learning, it is not just another subject at school, it is the medium with which all other subjects are learned. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to inculcate the right language skills in students right from a young age. People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multutask and listening skills. Moreover, since a lot of the school curriculum is taught verbally, verbal-linguistic learners tend to do well at school – and this is exactly what online language learning platforms train students for. This just goes to show the crucial role of online language learning for today’s kids. It can unlock a host of opportunities while prepping them for success. The need of the hour, then, is to expand the ambit of the education system as it stands and integrating technology to improve outcomes.

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