Nitin Vijay, MD, Motion Education Pvt Ltd

Self-made entrepreneur, Nitin Vijay is coming up with an e-programme to help the kids aged between 8-16 years develop entrepreneurial skills. A name to reckon with in coaching institutes, Vijay is successfully running his institute in Kota (Rajasthan) and branches in more than 18 cities in India, for the last 13 years.


There is scarcely any other sector than Coaching, which recovered so fast with the Corona crisis using AI and ML. India’s coaching industry promptly protected itself with swift and agile digital transformation and mitigated the effects of the pandemic to a great extent. Despite the turbulent environment, in Kota alone, more than 100,000 students were enrolled in the last academic session.

Fast and Focused

Recently, class 12 board exams are cancelled and this decision has put a permanent full stop to all speculations. Earlier, students were compelled to divide their study time to achieve two goals –board exams and competitive exams. Now, aspirants of JEE, NEET, and other undergraduate professional courses can completely focus on competitive exams. And, as they are not going to appear in board exams, they have time to enrol themselves in online crash courses introduced by leading coaching institutes in Kota and other parts of the country. Indeed, an opportunity for the prep fraternity to nurture talent with their specialised teaching skills and customised content.

Change to Compete

Today, people are well aware of the prep fraternity’s role and contribution in helping students qualify for competitive exams. Though schools cater to most of the needs of the education system, for preparation of entrance exams, coaching institutes offer specialised and exclusive programmes. In fact, school education and coaching are two different things; it is like the difference between a hospital and a specialized hospital for cancer. Being specialized in academics for competitive examinations, prep centres are the indispensable needs of students willing to take admission in professional courses like B.Tech and MBBS.

Technology is Key to Transformation

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, many unprecedented events happened in the academic life of students. A sudden shift from classroom study to online classes emerges as the biggest disruption amidst the pandemic. In the light of this inevitable transformation, the coaching industry adapted to cutting-edge digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR), and pattern analysis (PA). Students’ behavioural analysis, hybrid content, and customised pedagogies are the desired outcomes of tech-centric learning modules developed by the leading coaching institutes in India.

Inching Towards Customization

To understand what should be given to a particular student; education needs to be customized. Technology is helping the industry to identify the weaknesses of individual students and find out the topics where the student needs help. AI and ML will help teachers analyze students’ weakness from their online inputs and responses. A perfect combination of human interpretation and technology precision is equipping the coaching industry with effective and futuristic knowledge sharing tools. Consequently, interactive content and engaging teaching methodologies have made learning rather interesting and effective for students in present times.

Future Perfect Continuous

More holistic teaching infrastructure and facilities were the demands of the education sector for a long time. The coaching industry seems quite forward to embrace change and emphasized up-skilling and re-skilling of students instead of typical classroom learning. Besides, they have exposed the young students to many hidden realities of the existing world. These things certainly happen, but at a later stage in the learning process. Hopefully, the current trends in India’s coaching industry will help shape the future of the youths and the country above all.

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