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Alejandro Coca comes with rich experience of over 15 years in tech/ internet firms, business development and entrepreneurship, Before, he held crucial position at Amazon and UberEats and helped these tech giants to build, grow and scale, enabling them to penetrate new markets, particularly in Southern Europe. As a Computer Engineering graduate with an MBA from the renowned IE Business School, Alejandro’s previous roles also include consultant positions, worked within the banking industry, as well as being the co – founder for several companies – leading everything related to business development and marketing.


The pandemic has turned the attention of the masses towards health and wellness. Indeed, there is a global shift in paradigm concerning healthcare; however, while people are walking towards changed lifestyle practices and increased awareness, there is a worldwide shortage of top-notch medical professionals. Before diving into more details, let’s understand which part of the workforce comes under the gambit of healthcare: it comprises doctors, laboratory technicians, nurses, pharmacists, and support staff. These individuals are essential in ensuring timely delivery and care for the larger population.

Amidst the virus outbreak, medical professionals formed the backbone of the fight against COVID and hence the demand for healthcare workers noted a remarkable rise. In light of this, today, multiple nations are offering several perks and benefits to attract healthcare workers from the subcontinent. Here are some lucrative benefits that make these opportunities enticing for professionals hailing from India:

Work with the best facilities

Developed countries have a robust healthcare infrastructure. They are home to most of the world’s renowned, established, and well-equipped hospitals and other institutions. Right from the technique used to the technology available – these nations are the hub for modern healthcare services. The availability of world-class resources gives Indian professionals umpteen chances to make the most of their skills. A combination of cutting-edge facilities and best in class talent can do wonders for this industry. Indian doctors and nurses get the opportunity to make the most of the available resources and come up with innovative solutions. This is not just beneficial for the professionals who are relocating for work or the nations providing them with such opportunities but for the overall good of the masses who will reap the advantages of improved healthcare services.

Be a part of an international team

Each country has its take on healthcare and ways of offering the same. For instance, the approach adopted in China to tackle a particular ailment might not be the same as the one taken in the UK. Does this mean one place offers better services than the other? Not quite, simply the method of handling changes. By working in an overseas setup, professionals get a chance to work in international teams. They have the opportunity to communicate and exchange information with workers hailing from different regions of the world. When the best minds from across the globe come together and work, the quality of service improves manifolds. Further, personally, doctors, nurses or technicians get a platform to showcase their talents and learn from equally trained counterparts simultaneously.

Additional perks

Depending on the country where one chooses to relocate, the number of benefits offered to healthcare providers varies. For instance – the UK provides free healthcare and UAE and KSA provide private healthcare for employees. Some nations even allow medical professionals the opportunity to practise in their country for a couple of years while taking care of their accommodation in the initial months. Healthcare professionals don’t have to shift alone. Several nations are making things easier for them by allowing the option of bringing their families.  After all, moving to a foreign land without near and dear ones can be difficult. There are other additional perks like free healthcare and education for the children of professionals moving overseas with their families. Many international employers are also covering travel and Visa expenses. They even reimburse the fee paid for taking any required eligibility examination for working in the healthcare sector of that particular region or area.

It is safe to conclude by saying that the future of Indian professionals working abroad looks promising. It is a fantastic avenue for healthcare workers to give their careers the required exposure and uplift. The many benefits and perks are critical in deciding the shift from one’s homeland to a foreign country. However, while applying for an overseas job, be careful about the terms and conditions. It is not advisable to relocate without doing the appropriate research. In addition, make sure your application forms and documents are properly filled in, and you have all the necessary proofs and certificates available with you. What are you waiting for? It is time to give your career the boost it deserves!

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