Manish Mohta, Founder, Learning Spiral

Manish Mohta, featured amongst India’s youngest entrepreneurs by Business World, is an evangelist of new business ideas focusing on the Indian youth and their interaction with our education systems. A Mechanical Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering, and alumni from the Indian School of Business, he has more than 10 years of varied entrepreneurial experience. He had been instrumental in transforming the working of Higher Education – Boards & Universities with the use of AI, Big Data and ML. 


E-learning is the magnificent Ed-Tech trend of the year 2021. The shift from physical learning classes to virtual ones has made learning more accessible and affordable. This drastic revolution in the education sector transformed the digital era and enhanced the response timing with better action plans. 2021 brought sweeping changes at the grassroots level of technology and education. Schools, parents, and teachers have now understood the importance of technology for successful personal development. The ideal moment of e-learning has transformed teaching and learning through technology. Now, it’s only a matter of creatively using the essential tools and integrating new devices, and marking a bright educational future for everyone. The concept of AI and machine learning offers a powerful solution to learners and educational institutes. Virtual classrooms, Personalize and adapting learning, Cloud-based Ed-Tech platforms, Block-based coding systems, Blended Learning, and Digital master classes are the major Ed-Tech trends of 2021.

Education Technology, the collaboration of education and software technology, is a fascinating way of learning. Technology expanded the way of learning as everything is now available via the internet at one’s fingertips. The video conferencing apps have taken over the place of the four-walled traditional classroom. With the worldwide reach of the internet, students and teachers have discovered thousands of learning and teaching. The Pandemic resulted in shutting down all the schools across the world. Students were worried about the repetition of classes and the year loss and this is where the emergence of e-learning came out as a solution for the student’s problem. Students got their way back to the school not physically but virtually. It took some time to adapt to the online system of learning globally as accommodating the new system is a huge challenge, e-learning succeeded in getting its way. Covid is the biggest crisis in the education sector that has highly innovated the idea of distance learning digitally. The idea of learning through animation, e-books, pre-recording classes, and live video became a fun and exciting way of learning. The continuous change in Ed-Tech software boosted the learning engagement and enhanced the value of data.

In India, Machine learning or Artificial learning, has changed the learning concept as education has become a privilege from necessity. In the next few years, technology will become more flexible in the education sector as pursuing education from anywhere and anytime from all over the world will become the new normal. The internet will become a priority and need of the person, for their day-to-day work from learning to managing personal data securely on the internet. The emergence of e-learning platforms will increase student engagement in remote learning. India has the fastest adoption rate in e-learning technology and in 2022 the scale flow of India in Ed-Tech learning will be the same. The new startup will come and make learning accessible with AI that will change the ecosystem of learning.

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