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The world’s most successful entrepreneurs are often fiercely independent and self-reliant; however, no one becomes a success completely on their own some of the great leaders is a suite of great mentors and advisors whether in school, in college, during an internship, or even after getting a job, we often meet inspiring people, some of whom take a special interest in helping us grow. These people, whether they are professional teachers or not, can transform our lives and help us reach goals we never even knew existed!

Such mentors and teachers become guiding forces in our lives and too many top-notch entrepreneurs, scientists, sportspeople, film stars and others in different fields credit their success to a mentor or coach who held their hands and sharpened their minds in a way that they became the stalwarts they are today. Even in these times of tech-enabled teaching and tech-driven lifestyles, the advice is given by a fine teacher or a wise mentor can pave the path to great success.

On this teacher’s day, here are the guru mantras of 5 successful entrepreneurs that have stuck with them and helped them in their entrepreneurial journey:

Vishal Gupta, CEO, Momspresso

“The one life lesson for me has been that actions always speak louder than words. I think people are always watching much more closely than they are listening. This is as true of the workplace as it at home with the kids. It is our actions in crunch moments that determine what we stand for, as individuals and organizations as opposed to what we claim through our words.”

Aakash Vaghela, Co-Founder, AV Organics

“My football coach in school used to teach us the importance of team play and how to make the best of each other’s strengths and impart confidence and trust on others within the team. In order to create an efficient and motivated team, on-field, or at work, one has to realise the importance of other team member’s strengths and plan the way forward to achieve the best.”

Amith Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO, Agribazaar

“Honesty, Hard work and Humility are the key lessons I learnt from my teachers and elders all along with my life. My first and maybe most respected teaches is my dad – my father imbibed in me the values of hard work, honesty and humility. Coming from a small rural town, my success in entrepreneurship has come from my humility to observe, listen and learn from others. This is the first of many lessons I learnt in my school. On this Teachers Day, I thank and with gratitude remember all my elders, teachers and peers who have been teaching multiple lessons. And I thank life for being the best and the most rigorous and practical teacher.”

Beas Dev Ralhan, CO-Founder & CEO, Next Education India Pvt Ltd


“My father has been the most inspirational mentor throughout my life. Inspired by his entrepreneurial endeavours and never-say-die attitude, I started and shaped my venture Next Education. His teachings are immensely priceless. He taught me that patience is the key to run a business successfully. I strongly believe in this mantra and follow it ardently. When you are impatient, you tend to miss critical details and opportunities, which may lead to irrevocable mistakes. Being impatient can cloud our judgement, ruin relationships and destroy credibility in the market. Patience, therefore, is an important virtue for entrepreneurs. This has helped me go the extra mile in ensuring that Next Education creates a positive social impact. Another value that I strongly believe in is persistence. Keeping an organic approach towards academics to make learners future-ready and not just well-equipped, has not always been easy. Nevertheless, persistence has paid off. Hence, it remains one of the core values of the organisation in its journey towards excellence.”

Sampad Swain, Co-Founder & CEO, Instamojo

“I have always been fascinated that there’s something new to learn from him each time I have a conversation with him. One major learning that lives with me to date is to stay afloat no matter how rough the tide may be and to never accept defeat. These words have been ringing in my ears ever since, and have helped survive some really rough periods of life.” Sampad has some advice for his fellow entrepreneurs too. There is no journey without ups and downs, and if there are no rough patches, you may not be on the right path. Remember to never give up. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and you will definitely find yours when the right time comes.”

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