Tarun Khullar, President and CEO, Pacific Link College

Tarun Khullar is the driving force behind Pacific Link College (PLC) and a dedicated advocate for global education. As the President and CEO of PLC, Khullar’s journey is a fascinating blend of personal passion and a deep commitment to empowering students. “I came to Canada as an international student. After completing my degree in Computer Science and International Business, my path took a turn and led me into a life that was dedicated to helping other international students succeed in Canada,” shares Khullar.

Khullar’s commitment to student success has remained steadfast throughout the years, and he aims to ensure students have every opportunity to succeed. Under Khullar’s leadership, PLC has become a global community where the vision is to equip students with skills that make them stand out in their workplaces. Founded in 2011, PLC has grown from language instruction to career-centered campuses, with students from over 73 countries.

Khullar envisions a PLC that spans over 100 countries by 2025, providing students with a diverse and enriching educational experience.  “Success is not confined by borders; it’s a journey we take together,” he affirms. At the core of PLC’s philosophy is the idea of giving back. “We want to make a positive impact on our students’ home countries,” adds Khullar. A portion of student’s tuition goes towards supporting underdeveloped communities through medical supplies, care packages, and scholarships.

Embracing Global Partnerships

PLC has fostered meaningful partnerships with renowned institutions. One of the significant collaborations is with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). Khullar says, “Our collaborations are a reflection of our commitment to offering students not just education but an immersive learning journey that aligns with global industry standards.”

These partnerships, including the one with AHLEI, play a pivotal role in elevating the quality and relevance of PLC’s programs. Khullar explains, “When we bring in the expertise of institutions like AHLEI, we’re not just adding certifications to our curriculum; we’re enriching the entire educational experience.” The integration of industry standards and best practices ensures that PLC graduates not only possess theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that set them apart in the competitive job market.

Beyond the classroom, these collaborations offer students invaluable real-world exposure and networking opportunities. “Internships, industry connections, and exposure to real-world practices are integral parts of our students’ journeys,” Khullar remarks. The partnerships extend far beyond academic boundaries, providing a bridge between education and industry expectations. This holistic approach is a cornerstone of PLC’s philosophy, ensuring that students graduate not only with a degree but with a skill set that resonates globally.

Furthermore, these collaborations contribute significantly to PLC’s credibility and reputation within the industry. “Our partnerships speak volumes about the quality of education we offer. They are endorsements from esteemed institutions that recognize the value we bring to the table,” notes Khullar. As PLC continues to attract talent and industry recognition, these collaborations underscore the institution’s commitment to preparing students for a globally competitive landscape.

Nurturing Excellence in Specialized Programs

At PLC, the commitment to excellence extends beyond the conventional, particularly in its unique specializations of digital media, hospitality, and business programs. Under the visionary leadership of Khullar, these programs have not only evolved but have flourished into dynamic educational experiences tailored to meet the demands of the ever-changing professional landscape.

The digital media program at PLC stands as a testament to the institution’s dedication to preparing students for the visual age. “Our goal is to train students to make a visual impact in the companies they work at,” notes Khullar. The program offers comprehensive training in various aspects of digital media, from graphic design to multimedia storytelling. In line with the rapidly evolving digital landscape, PLC consistently updates its curriculum to incorporate the latest industry trends, technologies, and tools. Khullar emphasizes, “In the digital world, staying relevant means staying ahead. Our students are equipped not just with knowledge but with the ability to navigate the dynamic field of digital media.”

In the hospitality program, PLC takes a holistic approach to education, aiming to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the industry. “Hospitality is not just about service; it’s about creating memorable experiences,” affirms Khullar. Under his leadership, the program has undergone significant enhancements, with a focus on experiential learning opportunities. Collaborations with industry partners bring real-world scenarios into the classroom, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the dynamic and competitive hospitality sector.

PLC’s business programs, under Khullar’s guidance, are designed to foster a deep understanding of entrepreneurial business. “We believe in not just teaching business but nurturing business leaders,” states Khullar. Through strategic initiatives and collaborations with industry leaders, the business programs at PLC have expanded networking opportunities, guest lectures, and practical experiences for students. The emphasis is on providing a comprehensive education that goes beyond textbooks, preparing students to navigate the complexities of the business world. Khullar reaffirms, “Our commitment is to offer a dynamic and relevant education that equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen fields.”

Nurturing Diversity and Inclusion

PLC stands as a welcoming haven for students from diverse backgrounds, embracing the ethos of inclusivity at every turn. At the heart of PLC’s approach to inclusivity is a curriculum that mirrors the richness of the world’s perspectives and experiences. “Our programs are intentionally designed to reflect a broad range of voices and ideas,” Khullar emphasizes. This intentional design ensures that students encounter a diverse array of viewpoints throughout their studies, preparing them for a globalized and interconnected world.

PLC actively champions cultural awareness through a myriad of initiatives, including cultural events, workshops, and guest lectures. These endeavors serve as windows into the diverse tapestry of the global community at PLC. “Cultural exchange is not just a concept; it’s a living reality at our college,” says Khullar. These initiatives celebrate the richness of various cultures, fostering an environment where students not only coexist but thrive through mutual understanding.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each student, PLC has established dedicated support services tailored to address individual needs. From academic challenges to cultural and personal hurdles, the college believes in creating an environment where every student feels valued and supported. “Our commitment is not just to academic success but to the holistic well-being of our students,” notes Khullar. This support system ensures that every student, regardless of background, has the resources and assistance needed to thrive.

PLC goes beyond the traditional classroom setting, organizing and encouraging participation in events that celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and backgrounds within the student body. “Unity in diversity is not just a phrase for us; it’s a lived experience,” Khullar states. These events serve as platforms for cross-cultural exchange, creating a sense of unity and community among the diverse student body.

Inclusivity is not confined to the academic realm alone; it extends to the physical spaces students inhabit. PLC strives to maintain accessible and inclusive facilities that accommodate the diverse needs of its students. From accessible entrances to inclusive seating arrangements, the college ensures that every student feels welcome and accommodated.

Empowering Every Student for Success

At PLC, the commitment to providing a transformative education extends to ensuring that students with varying abilities can acquire career skills quickly and effectively. Recognizing the diversity in learning styles and abilities, PLC has invested in adaptive learning resources. These resources, including online materials, multimedia content, and interactive tools, cater to different learning preferences and abilities. “We believe in providing a learning environment that adapts to the unique strengths of each student,” Khullar states. This commitment ensures that every student, regardless of their abilities, can access and engage with educational content effectively.

PLC takes pride in offering accessibility services to accommodate the unique needs of students with varying abilities. These services encompass providing alternative formats for instructional materials, assistive technologies, and other accommodations to ensure an equitable educational experience. “Accessibility is not just a feature; it’s a fundamental aspect of our educational philosophy,” notes Khullar. This commitment underscores PLC’s dedication to creating an inclusive environment where every student can thrive.

Understanding the individual strengths and challenges of each student, PLC provides individualized support services. These services include one-on-one tutoring, English programs, and personalized academic advising. Khullar emphasizes, “Our goal is not just academic success but the personal growth of every student.” The individualized support ensures that students with varying abilities receive tailored assistance to overcome challenges and excel in their studies.

PLC recognizes that flexibility is key to accommodating the diverse needs of its student body. The institution has implemented flexible learning options, such as online courses, part-time programs, and alternative scheduling. This flexibility allows students to progress through their studies at a pace that suits their abilities and circumstances. “Flexibility is the cornerstone of accessibility,” affirms Khullar, emphasizing PLC’s commitment to adapting to the needs of every student.

To ensure the relevance of career skills, PLC actively collaborates with industry partners. This collaboration allows the institution to stay informed about the evolving skills and competencies required in various career fields. Khullar notes, “By staying connected with industry trends, we can tailor our programs to ensure that every student, regardless of their abilities, is equipped with the relevant and up-to-date skills demanded by the workforce.”

Pinnacle of Success and Global Impact

When we look back at Tarun Khullar’s time as President and CEO of Pacific Link College (PLC), it’s clear that his leadership was marked by significant achievements and milestones that have shaped the institution’s journey toward global excellence. One of the standout accomplishments during his tenure was the establishment of the Global Philanthropy Outreach program, which reaches across 100 countries and touches the lives of those in orphanages. This initiative reflects PLC’s commitment to social responsibility, extending its impact beyond borders and instilling a sense of global citizenship in its students.

PLC’s diverse student body has produced many success stories, which are a testament to the institution’s transformative education and career preparation. Graduates of PLC now hold senior roles in Canadian companies and venture into entrepreneurship, embodying the mission to nurture leaders who make a difference globally. PLC actively contributes to this development by training students to engage in global conferences, networking internationally, and participating in the Global Outreach program, fostering their growth as impactful leaders on the world stage.

PLC has grown into a global educational hub from its humble beginnings and hosts over 1000 students annually from more than 70 countries. This growth underscores the institution’s commitment to providing a diverse and enriching educational experience. As Tarun Khullar looks towards the future, his aspirations for PLC are grounded in a continued dedication to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. The ongoing narrative of PLC is one of continuous growth and impact, inviting readers to join in this journey of education, innovation, and positive global influence.

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