Nikhil Barshikar, Founder and MD, Imarticus Learning

Nikhil Barshikar is the Founder and Managing Director of Imarticus Learning, India’s leading professional education company that offers training in financial services and analytics.  Nikhil attributes the company’s rapid growth and success to its team, which is a mix of highly experienced professionals, industry experts and young, dynamic individuals. His vision for Imarticus Learning is to see it become the foremost global player in the financial services and business analytics education space.


The advent of technology and its rapid evolution and significant impact on the world are evident. Especially in the last few years, technology has grown leaps and bounds, revolutionizing our daily lives as well as businesses across verticals. The advancement of cutting-edge technology can also be seen in the emergence of new career options. Until recently, mainly when it came to white-collar jobs, people often stuck to conventional options like Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Doctor, Engineer, etc.  However, with technological progress and changing mindsets, both aspirants and existing professionals are changing domains and pursuing new careers.

While there are plenty of career options offered across industries, certain domains are more lucrative and provide more growth prospects compared to others. That said, here are 7 new-age in-demand careers you can consider in 2022.

Digital marketing

The world of marketing has evolved unimaginably over the years. Gone are the days when brands had limited options to advertise and market their products and services. They often relied on print advertisements, television, and word of mouth to increase their reach and visibility. However, today, brands have numerous digital mediums to choose from, including social media, email, and television, among others. In fact, they need not stick to just one of these and can use omnichannel marketing.

With this, it’s no surprise that digital marketing is a thriving segment and digital marketers are in high demand. Creating marketing plans for social media platforms, Google AdWords, and other such digital platforms, digital marketers maximize the product’s reach while optimizing costs.  And as internet penetration and smartphone usage increase across the country, the need for skilled digital marketing professionals has skyrocketed, making it a thriving career.


As technology grows, so have the challenges. Lately, instances of malware, phishing, security breaches, hacking, and other fraudulent activities have been on the rise. For any business today, private or government-owned, given that almost all of them have a digital presence, cybersecurity is integral to protection and growth. If equipped with the right qualifications and skill sets such as problem-solving, analytical thinking, and cognitive and computer forensics abilities to trace and interpret digital codes and fraudulent activities, Cybersecurity professionals can build a rewarding career.


The adage ‘first impressions are the best impressions’ is applicable in many scenarios, and the same is true for businesses too. When we visit any website, the look and feel and overall experience that the website itself offers can determine whether customers/potential customers will go further to see your product/services page or exit your website. UI/UX plays an instrumental role in driving customers to scroll further or go to the next page on the website through hassle-free interaction and an easy-to-use experience.  UI/UX professionals are rapidly becoming some of the most sought-after by businesses globally, making it a career option that offers plenty of growth prospects.

Full-stack Developers

Recent reports suggest that full-stack developers are in high demand, with India witnessing a 20% increase in these professionals. Professionals and aspirants with knowledge and experience in front-end and back-end development, version control systems, fluency in Python, CSS, Java, and cloud and database skills and coding abilities can lay the foundation to a flourishing career and earn handsome remunerations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

The list would be incomplete without AI and ML. At the core of almost every business, AI and ML have been game-changers. From entertainment and security to navigation and other day-to-day aspects, these technologies have infiltrated our lives and changed them for the better. Today, it is an AI-powered world, and the World Economic Forum has predicted that AI will generate around 133 million jobs by this year. A subset of AI, ML has also equally played a pivotal role in enabling business growth. Companies today are relying on AI and ML engineers heavily to realign and strategize their businesses to progress further, making the profession an in-demand one.

Data Science

Data is the new oil in today’s scenario, naturally making Data Scientists highly valued professionals. Collecting analyzing, and processing vast amounts of valuable information, a Data Scientist plays a crucial role in enabling companies to make key business decisions. Familiarity with tools like SAS, R, and Python is essential if Data Science is your ideal career option. As companies expand and adopt advanced technology to build innovative solutions, Data Scientists are becoming indispensable assets.

Cloud Architect/Developer

Cloud infrastructure is perhaps one of the most deployed technologies in companies today. According to Synergy Research, the cloud infrastructure market reached USD 178 billion in 2021, growing by a whopping USD 49 billion from 2020. Given this tremendous market value and increased adoption, there is no doubt that Cloud Architects and Developers are sought-after and highly valued professionals, provided they have the right skill sets.


2022 is turning out to be the year of new-age careers with several employment opportunities and growth prospects. To build a career in any one of the mentioned domains, gaining the right skill sets and qualifications is crucial. You can enrol in any certificate program offered by a professional education firm and fast-track your career progress.

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