Kanishk Duggal, COO, Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI)

Kanishk Dugal is the COO of ICRI. With more than 16 years of experience, Mr Kanishk is a lead educator in the new age. He has several awards and honours to his name such as India Today Award and President Award. He operates to make Indian youth job-ready and equipped with the right skill-sets across industries.


What is Public Health profession?

Public Health is a stream that deals with the health policies for the improvement or betterment of health of an individual, public or community through education, research or awareness. The structure & administration of public health organizations and the policies made under health programs & their reimbursement counted as Public Health Policy. As a professional, Public Health workers try to prevent the diseases at first place through educating public.

If one wants to be in the profession of dealing with health policies and practices involved in preventing disease spread, then opting for a Master’s program in Public Health is the answer to your career quest. MPH or Master of Public Health or Master in Public Health is a professional that is a post graduate degree curated to train professionals to protect and improve community health world-wide.

Degree in Public Health (MPH):

Master in public Health is a degree that is skill-based learning program teaches application of best practices and policies contributing in better and healthier life-style of public or individual.

Public health profession is a noble profession that works towards the betterment of lives of public. Due to change in adaptabilities and life-style, Public health is also going through the major transformation that goes beyond the conventional practices.

MPH teaches you the applicable practices or policies made for health improvement, social improvement of a community, challenges, educational programs, services and research. Under this course, students learn Public Health Administration of various health policies, their role & implementations in a hospital or an organization. It also includes the study of financial management, program planning, human resources, operations research, economics, and monitoring.

Why Public Health Policy?

As the Indian Healthcare industry is booming & is expected to touch over USD 280 million by 2022, hence, there is an evident scope for improvements in health services in the country. India is the leading destination for high-end diagnostic services that need immediate attention of health policies, hence, generating lacs of career opportunities in public health for skilled professionals.

For next 10 years, healthcare would generate continuous employment for trained professionals since for coming 10 years, the huge work will be done across the globe concerning better healthcare facilities and prevention of diseases.

Career opportunities are majorly available currently and will also be available with health agencies at all the levels in near future. The course designed for aspirants helps them to be the masters in public health, medical services and medical technologies along with their implications. Government is also playing a crucial role in improving health services at hospitals promoting indigenous manufacturing of medicines.

What would you study?

The 2 year of degree program will include the study around:

Emerging Trends Of Management; Economics For Management; International Business Environment; Financial Accounting And Reporting; Statistics For Management; Introduction To public Health; Marketing & E-commerce; Business Communication ; Business Law; Financial Management; Human Resource Management And Organizational Behavior; Health Policy, Planning & Economics; NGO Management; Communicable & Non-communicable Disease; Women And Child Health And Gender Issues; International Business And Cross Cultural Awareness; Epidemiology And Public Health Administration; Human Biology & Public Health Chemistry; Occupational, Industrial And Urban Health; Ethics In Public Health; Public Health Nutrition; Environment Health, Management And Safety Planning; Legal Legislations And Professional Ethics; Healthcare, Social Policy And Health Insurance; Health Systems Development & Management; Health Psychology, Communication & Counseling;  Soft Skill And Personality ; Development Training; Project/Dissertation Report; Internship Report

Areas to be served

Health Administration & Community Health; Health Policies; Biostatistics; Health insurance companies; Epidemiology

Career Opportunities the field offers?

Policy Specialist; Public Health Analyst; Health Information Specialist; Health Education Specialist; Research Analyst; Health Promotion Manager; Wellness Officer

Leading Recruiters

All leading hospitals; International agencies; Public Health Organization; Consulting Firms; Global Health Companies; Insurance Sector; Regulatory Agencies; Research Organizations; NGOs and the Government Sector

Who can join the program?

All doctors, pharma graduates, science graduates and other graduates can join the degree program since MPH presents career opportunities to all level of professionals depending upon the educational background.

Way Forward:

Institutions are ensuring the complete development of professionals through mixed learning approach that include teaching through practical oriented programs and field learnings.

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