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KIIT World School conducted a webinar on “COVID SAFE ENVIRONMENT, ORAL HEALTH AND HEALTHY EATING” with the reputed doctors of the Medanta- Mediclinic , Delhi for the students and parents. On this occasion, doctors of Medanta Mediclinic, faculty of KIIT World School, students and their guardians were present.

Dr. Sunit Singhi, Chairman of Medanta Mediclinic, advised the children to follow simple habits at home. He suggested that children use their extra time offline, eat healthy and exercise regularly to stay mentally and physically fit. He suggested children take vitamin D supplements.

Dr. Monika Pushkaran (Diabetes Educator and Nutritionist) asked to eat healthy home – cooked food. She also shared the plate rule which needs to be followed while eating every day – half green vegetables and fruits, one-fourth grains, and one-fourth proteins. She emphasized that we become what we eat, so be watchful and eat foods that enhance one’s health. Asked to avoid junk food.

Dr Saima Hussain a dental expert suggested that oral health is extremely important and there should be a routine to maintain good oral health. Flossing after every meal is essential. Brushing twice a day is a must and the use of a fresh brush after every three months is of utmost importance. The plaque should be removed regularly. A thorough dental check-up with a dentist is also essential.

The Principal Dr. Neelima Kamrah said that it is very important to take care of a healthy diet along with a healthy environment in the Corona period.

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