Priyasha Churiwal, Vice President - India & South Asia, Enterprise Ireland

Priyasha Churiwal serves as an expert in Life Sciences and Pharma. Currently, she is the Vice President of Enterprise Ireland in India and South Aisan regions. Priyasha comes with over 10 years of experience and prior to working with Enterprise Ireland. Prior to working with Enterprise Ireland, she has worked for more than 2 years as a Research Analyst (Consumer Industry and Retail Practice) at A.T. Kearney. Priyasha has completed her Master of Science from Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in International Business and has acquired her Bachelor’s in Commerce degree from Lady Sri Ram College for Women.


The life science’s sector has seen rapid change in business landscape, new priorities, new challenges and new opportunities emerging. Innovation plays a central role in keeping up with change, driving productivity growth and fostering competitiveness in a global world where knowledge and innovation are critical factors. Ireland is very much to the forefront of global life sciences industries – Ten of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies and nine of the top ten medtech companies have a significant presence.

The Irish medtech sector has grown from a small group of just 50 companies in the early 1990s to become one of the industry’s leading global hubs with a cluster of 350 companies employing 38,000 people. This makes Ireland the largest employer of medtech professionals in Europe per capita. Ireland is also the second largest exporter of medtech products in Europe, with annual exports of €12.6 billion to over 100 countries globally

The indigenous sector is a key component of the industry & the heart of innovation, with over 200 companies employing 6,500 people. These companies are world-class, highly innovative and dynamic, delivering complex technologies, products and services throughout the world. The vibrant and highly successful indigenous sector is due to a number of factors, including a deep commitment to innovation and the existence of a highly connected ecosystem comprising the world’s leading multinational medtech companies, a first-class academic research sector, and a network of world- leading State-funded research centres. A large number of Irish companies have grown up in the shelter of the global industry. People who started out working for multinationals have gone on to found their own companies, which have become an integral part of the supply chain for global industry. More and more of those companies are developing their own intellectual property and innovative new products.

Irish universities are dedicated to foster cutting-edge R&D, innovation & student entrepreneurship. A key objective is to work with funding agencies and Government Departments to significantly expand research capacity and provide a balanced research ecosystem in which investigator-led research is prioritised alongside industry focused research. Ireland’s advanced research programme, centred to a large extent in universities, has made great strides in recent years. Some of start-up incubator programs in Irish university include –

Nova UCD: As part of the UCD Research and Innovation unit NovaUCD is the hub of innovation related activities at University College Dublin. At NovaUCD, our Centre for New Ventures and Entrepreneurs, we nurture and support high-tech and knowledge-intensive spin-in and spin-out companies through our purpose-built and state-of-the-art facilities and through our comprehensive support programme.

Nexus Innovation: Nexus is a purpose-built Innovation Centre at the heart of the University of Limerick. Nexus is a growing community of entrepreneurs which: leverages the University’s knowledge base; enables accelerated business development; and makes connections with potential investors, experienced entrepreneurs and the wider community.

NUIG Business Innovation Centre is at the heart of our university’s innovation ecosystem. They are home to numerous companies which have spun-out of our research activity and many more start-ups which have spun-in to collaborate and engage with our research community.

DCU Invent is the university’s commercialisation and technology transfer unit where we work with companies and organisations to bring university research to the marketplace.

To achieve this, we partner with companies of all sizes, talented researchers at DCU and entrepreneurs who have a desire to innovate.

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