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A middle-class child with big dreams coming from a very small village of Rajasthan,  who went against odds, testing his will & passion to solve a big problem in Education & Career, shaping up individuals and hence societal & global development. Ashwini is an IITian who worked extremely hard towards his passion for enabling the world to have Quality Education. He is working days & nights to ensure that aspirants get admitted to their dream universities to have a brighter career. This was possible, impacting 70000+ students & professionals through


In today’s world, survival without proper education is a near to impossible task. Be it from a career front or personal life, the role of education in improving an individual’s lifestyle is beyond measurement.

There are some loopholes in Indian education that the government needs to look at. However, students who have their vision clear and the path sorted often opt for studies abroad. To make it more feasible and affordable, the role of scholarship comes in. Let us see why we need scholarships for studying abroad.

  1. Reservation and limited seats in India:

Considering the poor quality of education that many government schools in our country offer, it is quite a struggle for the children to stand out for selection in some good opportunities in their future. The challenges faced by students from small backgrounds regarding education is indeed disheartening. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance that children and young adults with decent scores in their academics be provided with good scholarship opportunities to apply abroad and get exposure to a world-class education system.

  1. Need to make education affordable:

The cost of studying abroad is a cause of concern among most students. One must consider several factors like the tuition fees, travel fare, insurance as well as living costs. To meet these expenses, many students take up part-time work, live in shared accommodation and minimise expenses to add to their study price. The availability of scholarships would be a blessing to these students as they will be saved from the hassle of making ends meet and can channel their focus towards education.

  1. With an exemplary scholarship, students can make India proud globally:

The examples of Indians who have made considerable progress abroad are huge numbers. Be it Satya Nadella at Microsoft, Parag Agarwal at Twitter, or Sundar Pichai at Google, the contribution of these Indians at the world stage forum is worth an applaud. They are undoubtedly an excellent motivation for Indian students who would want to study, work and perform in any place outside their country.

  1. Supporting Indian economy:

With the primary urge to stay connected to their roots, NRI’s are a boon to the Indian economy. Although they form a very minimal part of the Indian population, they can shape the economy through foreign exchange of money up to about 22-23%. Besides, many NRIs have been known to initiate charities and financial assistance during emergencies like floods, droughts as well as the ongoing pandemic.

  1. Low-interest loans can welcome students back:

The last decade has observed a trend wherein many Indian graduates studying abroad return after their education. With the immense exposure during their stay abroad, they often become entrepreneurs seeking out start-up options. They are indeed an asset to the country as they are driven towards creating job opportunities instead of seeking them. The Indian Government should strive more towards creating interest-free loan opportunities to ensure that the Indian students are urged to return and work in their own country.


It is of immense importance that the efforts of meritorious students be encouraged through means of scholarships, stipends, another fellowship programme so that individuals can compete abroad. In days to come, these students would grow up responsible young adults capable of significantly impacting the Indian and world economy. Any field like healthcare, technology, politics, tourism industry, and effort in making it as good as any European or American country would be limited without progressive winds willing to put their time and effort in India. Therefore, there is more than one reason why the government should fund students.

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