Dr. Jitin Chadha, Founder and Director, Indian Institute of Art & Design and Indian School of Business & Finance

A first-generation entrepreneur, Dr. Jitin Chadha is the Founder Director of Indian Institute of Art and Design and Indian School of Business and Finance. Based on years of robust research and industry-needs analysis, he established the IIAD) in 2014. Spearheaded the academic collaboration between IIAD and Kingston University (KU), becoming the first international ‘Collaborative Partner’ of the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture at Kingston University.  As a young entrepreneur, Dr. Chadha established ISBF in the year 2006 after returning with a master’s degree from the UK. In a span of 10 years, he established an institution that boasts of undergraduate and postgraduate study programs in Economics, Finance, and Business Management with an excellent team of academicians and a campus in the heart of New Delhi. Dr. Chadha was awarded his Doctorate in Finance in 2011, in a grand ceremony chaired by the HRD Minister, Kapil Sibal and Prof. Dinesh Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Delhi University.


Do you have to be really affluent to be able to purchase the new model of the iPhone? Maybe, maybe not! We are living in a time where there is no dearth of disposable income amongst middle-class Indians; the pleasure-seeking principle has modified the lens through which an individual explores the possibilities open to him/her. There is an explosion in the demand for hedonistic attributes of products/services associated with essential necessities- for example, savory taste in food, rising demand in distinct cuisines of the world, designer labels in clothing and accessories, tasteful home décor, the greater demand for interior designers, home stylists, fashion designers. The mushrooming of SMEs (small and medium scale enterprises) brought on by an increasing trend towards entrepreneurship, has led to a greater demand for graphic and communication designers to design their web pages and develop out-of-the-box communication design strategies for their promotional content on social media.

Growing demand for designers

Hence, there is a growing demand for designers in almost all major disciplines of design – spatial design, architecture, communication design, graphic designing, and fashion designing. Having a flair for design is an essential attribute but it needs to be backed by a sound technical education in that particular discipline.  You need to have a conceptual understanding of the dictums of that pedagogy, along with a study of what has worked in the past, what has not, and knowledge of evolving global and local trends. A qualification from an institute of repute is not just an option but has become mandatory to enable one to penetrate the design community. Immersing oneself for a few years through the rigors of a design college, delivering outcomes under the pressure of project deadlines and working in teams, imparts the requisite skill-set and training for entering the design ecosystem.

During the tenure of your studies, you will get several opportunities to volunteer and participate in seminars, lectures, workshops, events, and masterclasses. Never forfeit these opportunities to network with industry professionals. You can leverage them to your advantage by making contacts with professionals to procure projects and find mentorship.

Freelance Projects

After you have understood the fundamentals of design in the first year and assessed your own designing sensibilities, you will be able to take on freelancing projects by the time you enter the second year. These will help build your portfolio and be a point of connecting with the design industry before you get absorbed finally.


An opportunity to intern with a good design studio can lay the brickwork towards a rewarding career. Ensure that you add significantly to your design portfolio during your internship. Displaying your talents and dedication to your internship project can result in the much-coveted offer from the company after you graduate.


All those of you who are passionate about teaching can enter the world of academia by gaining an in-depth industry exposure of 6 to 10 years as a professional or as an entrepreneur.  After having worked for a decade or so, you will come to understand the nuts and bolts of the industry and its workings.

Getting the required exposure

There are many design exhibitions and art fairs held in the various metropolises of India, each year. India Art Fair (IAF) is conducted in Delhi each year; it features both veterans and upcoming artists. Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) is another exhibition where upcoming fashion designers and established players participate each year. India Interior Retailing – Conference, Awards and Exhibition is another exciting event, usually held in October in Delhi. UXINDIA was held at Hyderabad in 2019. That was a great platform where graphic and communication designers of India and the world had converged to discuss new ideas and trends. Try to optimize the opportunities that present themselves to you and attend as many events as possible. Such kind of exposure will stretch your imagination beyond the confines of the college walls and enable you to come up with ingenious yet commercially viable ideas.

Remember the key to an enriching career in the world of design starts with the foundation of a well-rounded education. There is a plethora of career options to choose from – fashion merchandiser, fashion journalist, spatial designer, interior designer, film-maker, documentary maker, UX/UI designer. Get the right education and skill-set and the world is your oyster.

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