Apoorva Deshingkar, Senior Director – Market Development and Education, GIA India

Mr. Deshingkar, with GIA India since 2009, is responsible for providing strategic leadership to the Education vertical, apart from leading the institute’s market outreach, its marketing and corporate communication for Laboratory Services in India using a variety of traditional and digital touchpoints to help GIA fulfill its mission. During his 29-year work-life, he has worked with world-class brands and handled assignments at different stages viz. inception, growth, consolidation, and turnaround in an organization’s business- cycle. He is an Electronics Engineer from VJTI, Mumbai, and an MMS graduate in Marketing from NMIMS, Mumbai.


Finding happiness in what one does is something that everyone wants. As nice as it sounds, it can be challenging to attain. In fact, according to the Japanese philosophy “Ikigai,” it is the key to living a healthy and long life; you can also think of it as the thing that makes you get out of bed. The Japanese concept of “Ikigai” is the theme of a bestselling book of the same title, which literally means doing what you love.

The best way to achieve this is to do what makes you happy and turn your passion into your profession. If gems and jewellery are your passion, then you can explore a sparkling career specialising in gemstones.

The gem and jewellery industry represents one of the fastest growing industries globally. India is one of the biggest gem and jewellery manufacturing hubs in the world. Surat and Jaipur are known for the cutting and polishing of over a hundred species of coloured gemstones (precious and semi-precious).

Being a specialised field, a formal education in gemmology is encouraged for exploring the many career paths that the world of gem and jewellery offers.

Gemmology is the study of gemstones. This one-of-a -kind study entails more than just identifying and grading gemstones. By taking a specialised course in gemmology, you can explore a career in manufacturing, trading, sales, appraising, grading, etc., where an understanding of the complex nature of gemstones is necessary.

Ways to find your passion in the world of gem and jewellery

Acquire skills and technical knowledge: As a gemmologist, there is a need to identify gemstones accurately. Due to the increase in treatments and the influx of new gem materials in the market, this has become more important now than ever before. Securing a credential in gemmology from a reputed institute such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) can open doors to diverse job opportunities like those of a buyer, trader, or even a laboratory and research professional. Gemstone manufacturers, jewellers, jewellery retail chains and gemmological laboratories worldwide continuously seek qualified talent for their businesses. All of these career paths require an eye for detail, dedication to quality and a globally-recognised credential from a reputed gemmological institute.

Choose the right course: Gemmology is a vast field; so consult career counsellors or reach out to any internationally-reputed gemmological institute. If you’re interested in diamonds, you may sign up for a course that exposes you to diamonds and helps you understand how to identify treatments, simulants and laboratory-grown diamonds. Look for a programme that provides both technical concepts and hands-on training.

If you are interested in coloured stones, a programme that exposes you to a variety of gemstones is very important. Premier institutes like GIA offer GIA Graduate Coloured Stones Diploma Program – a 20-week immersive programme that provides comprehensive knowledge of coloured stones that is needed to succeed anywhere in the jewellery business. The knowledge gained during the programme brings students – with and without a family background in the gem and jewellery industry – to the same level.

Before enrolling in a gemmology programme, research about the institute and see its reviews on social media sites. Enquire if the institute provides a well-rounded education – for example, does it invite industry leaders to share their experiences and knowledge at guest sessions and does it offer networking opportunities at industry events and trade shows? All these aspects add up to give you the best learning experience and increase your chances of having a successful career in the gem and jewellery industry.

Follow your interest: Finally, interest plays an important role in your success. If you are drawn to the sparkle of gems and jewellery, there are plenty of opportunities in this sector in India.

Promising Career in Gemmology 

Gemmology is a highly specialised field. If you feel that the glittering world of gems and jewellery beckons you, then it is never too late to enrol yourself into a gemmology course and pursue a career that makes you truly happy.

Since most of us spend a great deal of our lives working, it is inevitable that work plays a great role in shaping our happiness. Choosing a career that truly fulfils you is the first step toward living your best life.

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