Sachin Gupta, Chancellor, Sanskriti University

Sachin Gupta is one of the youngest first-generation Chancellors in India. It sets him apart and clearly shows his passion for education. His motto is providing holistic education to students so that learners will have excellence in life. Sachin Gupta’s journey of two decades in the higher education sector has been unprecedented in terms of influencing the quality and system of higher education in the private sector. With the power of his vision, clarity of his mission and analytical ability, the university under his leadership is poised for achieving greater heights of excellence.


In today’s fast-paced world, every organization wants to build its future on digital technologies, but what does it take to make it all happen? To get a better sense of the skills and talents that will be in demand needs to be looked into. It is very important to choose a career that both sustains well and helps personal growth. Although most common career choices for today’s youth involve learning skills that help develop their professional interests.

The digital revolution sweeping the world has given us unprecedented access to people, ideas as well as the marketplace. Nobody would have thought in such a short time the need for a digital medium would pave the way for a digital revolution in the country. Technology has transformed learning and has improved educational offerings in a major way. As in the demanding era of technology, the expert skill education sector enhances more workplace-ready generation for the future.

Build focused Mindset

Mindset is something that helps you to achieve your goals and it provides you the clear vision to pave the path leading to your dream. Mindset forces the pursuit of new ideas, products, services, and methods of doing things and helps us to encourage over & over again to do our best.

Ready to meet the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The advent of the fourth industrial revolution is already being seen as transforming skill-based sectors in developed countries. Technology is all-pervasive around us and it is transforming our lives, economy, and governance. There are few inclusive Behaviour patterns that students need to build to meet the challenges “Include and seek input from people across a wide variety of backgrounds, Listen Carefully, Make a habit of asking questions, If you have a strong reaction to someone ask yourself why, Act to reduce the stressful situation, Understand each person contribution, Examine your assumptions, Ensure all voices are heard, and lastly be brave.”

Communication Skills\ Command over Global language in Business

Communication plays a vital role in any organization. Effective communication in the workplace helps an individual to increase growth, productivity, and long term sustainability of the organization. An employee who gives due importance towards learning this skill and investing time and effort is an asset for the organization. They help an organization to provide great customer experience which in turn increases the effectiveness in their work.

Critical Thinking\ Creative Problem Solving

Critical thinking can uncover innovative solutions to address issues that come up and to boost business growth in the future. It allows you to look inwards to find rational explanations of your decision-making process. This critical reflection, in turn, brings back your focus on facts and evidence, instead of emotions and allows you to sidestep your own ego to assess your performance to increase your overall performance.

Soft Skills

Technology will inevitably play an increasingly large role in the future workplace. Developing the soft skills of tomorrow in workplaces today will provide employees with the opportunity to use the very skills that make them human to work with their future coworkers, not against them. Softs Skills are essentials for future growth. 5 of the most important soft skills of the future are: Empathy and Communication, Critical Thinking and creative problem Solving, Creativity, strategy and Innovation, Imagination & Vision.

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