Ashish Khare, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder, MentorKart

Ashish Khare, the CEO and Founder of MentorKart is an Entrepreneur, Certified Business Coach, Certified Life coach, Public speaker and a Startup mentor. With more than 25 years’ experience in successful business leadership, he led teams and organizations to innovate, build, implement business solutions & products in the field of Information Technology and services for customers across 20+ countries.


Mentors appear as a guiding force in this environment and work as motivators for career and personal development. Mentorship has the potential to teach mentees how to deal with these situations without interfering with their personal lives. To succeed in a changing and competitive world, continuous upskilling is required. The advice we might potentially receive from a mentor is priceless, and their capacity to assist us in navigating the uncharted routes of our position and achieving our goals more quickly is what makes them so useful.

Mentorship: An Understanding

A mentor is an expert who has specific talents and extensive experience and volunteers to help others for nothing. Typically, this person desires to follow in the footsteps of their mentor. Mentoring can take place in a variety of settings, but it is most usually associated with the workplace in modern times. For example, a seasoned professional may take a recruit under their wing and coach them through the company’s induction process. This collaboration could last for a short time or for a long time. It could be more formal, with regular meetings and agreed-upon milestones, or more relaxed, with casual check-ins.

Not all mentors are created equally. Different mentors serve different purposes, but all good mentors have the following things in common: 

Deliver Skills or Experience: They impart their knowledge and experience to the mentee in order to help them succeed.

Positivity and Enthusiasm: They are genuinely enthusiastic about being a mentor.

The ability to provide honest and constructive comments: They understand how to provide constructive, kind, and direct feedback. 

Connection: Mentors offer symbiotic connections wherein mentees learn from them while they learn from mentees. 

Types of Mentorship

Peer mentoring is a type of mentorship program in which more experienced students welcome new students to campus to make them feel more at ease. In certain circumstances, faculty and staff mentors have taken on this role. Another type of mentoring program is the professional mentoring program, which is aimed at assisting alumni and students in creating career-based mentoring ties. Specific mentee groups are also available for specific mentee groups such as staff, research personnel, entrepreneurs, minorities, people of color, women, faculty, alumni, exchange students, and exclusively male students.

The Mentoring Platform: A Blessing 

Mentoring platforms have emerged in today’s world as a boon for upskilling in this competitive edge and as a fantastic tool for success. The platforms are technology-based platforms that bring together the best mentors from many areas of life to assist a student in their field of study. We aim to unlock the potential of students, young professionals, and early-stage entrepreneurs by bringing together the best of industry veterans, educational gurus, specific domain experts, and entrepreneurs. And also help them achieve their professional goals and overall career development, as well as to provide guaranteed industry placements.

As participants enroll in a specific course for a limited time, well-designed mentoring programs are directing a lot of untapped professional networking potential. Keeping intergenerational wisdom can provide a competitive advantage, as evidenced in the commercial world. It can also help to build professional ties and foster a sense of belonging. When we consider mentorship in a broader context, we see an opportunity to connect the dots and quickly develop societal structures that encourage both compassionate and inventive approaches to the future.

Creating pathway for long-term success

Learning is an important habit in everyone’s life, whether they work or not. The changing scenario and new advancements in education are creating a pathway for future growth in a short span of time. We can learn new things from the platform and improve our lives in general and make the way for future success. Hence, mentorship platforms arise as a short route to the long-run success path

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