Vandit Kinarivala, Founder & CEO, Dweek Studios

Vandit has spent some quality time working in an industry he was extremely passionate about – Video Games! In 8 years of his tenure at Ubisoft Pune, he gained deep knowledge about what it takes to design, develop and publish successful games. He saw a need for providing kids an alternative learning ecosystem by applying his experience with games into education. Moreover, rather than a standardized educational system, he believes in letting kids explore their areas of interest when they wish to and however they wish to.



Living in the 21 century, we are surrounded by a generation that eats, sleeps, and breathes on the internet. Starting from a tender age, young minds are infatuated with the idea of technology. In every aspect of life, we see the use of technology and how helpful it has been over the years. One field where technology has soared high is education.

Earlier, the meaning of classroom was limited to a blackboard and boring lectures and, science fiction was restricted to movies, however, now classrooms are turning digital with all kinds of technology to make a child’s learning experience more immaculate. The techniques used today for teaching are very different from what used to be, with the use of smart boards, leaning more towards the practical and less towards theory.

Young minds are open to creativity and are in the process of exploring new things. They find new ways to communicate with others. This enthusiasm for learning is facilitated by digital technology. Children begin to use the tools of their society with competence during the early years of school. This typically includes reading and writing, as well as calculating and investigating. For learning scientific and social concepts, children use books, touch screens, writing instruments, and tools. Digital technologies are increasingly the tools that adults and older children use in their work and their homes, younger children mimic this usage by imitating and playing like adults and then mastering the tools themselves for self-expression and learning. A new generation of web technologies allows children to create their technologies, increasing the appropriateness, motivation, and utility of their technology tools. Technology is not restricted for entertainment purposes with its benefits and excess use, it has become a skill that is necessary to learn.

Online, there are many applications of technology that combine entertainment with education. These games help children in developing various skills like concentration, overcoming obstacles, being highly motivated, and many more. Certain games are designed to make learning fun and interactive, by entertainingly teaching the children numbers.

For preschoolers, using touchscreen devices is the easiest because their fine motor skills are still developing. Touchscreen devices can be used in a way that encourages children to work together and improve their social skills, such as taking turns and sharing ideas while they work on online activities and view educational resources.

A device requires structure and step-by-step directions which helps children learn the importance of following instructions. Being in a tech-savvy world, children are more drawn towards the use of technology and compared to traditional means of education, find technology more intriguing.

Technology has helped teachers and educators to find new and interactive ways to connect with the students. Earlier, textbooks were seen as the main source of getting information, now, however, there are infinite ways of getting information. The global pandemic has made the use of technology a necessity not an option. The concept of E-learning has been devised in many schools, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, a sudden rise in virtual learning has been witnessed and has proven to be successful.

In an ever-evolving and technologically advanced world, technology in the preschool classroom is a powerful tool that helps children develop solid foundational skills in a wide range of subjects. With technology, children have the benefit of saving and re-visiting their lessons, which helps them in revision and memorization.

Preschool technology tools may also promote a foundation for digital literacy – where children learn how to use technology to engage in constructive learning activities rather than just for mindless, passive entertainment. Technology has upgraded the curriculum, the teaching methods and paved the way for personality development.

Over the course of time, technology has evolved and has made an impact on each and every aspect of one’s life. It has changed the way people live and expect their children to have even better opportunities.

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