Girish Singhania, CEO, Edu Bridge

Girish is an entrepreneur who has a vision coupled with an unwavering want to create. He brings 15 years of experience across the Education, FMCG and Financial Service sectors and is driven by a visceral “hard-wired” need to strategize, to innovate, to execute and to disprove the words – “It can’t be done”. His greatest passion lies in unlocking the potential that each individual has, and in enabling them to achieve their best. He strongly believes that in this golden era of opportunities in India, the biggest factor of success for our country will be our ability to transform our people into high-performing contributors to the economy. This led to the birth of EduBridge and is still central to the vision and mission of EduBridge.


Very often we are marooned by the idea of how with changing times, and heavy digitization will rob people of job opportunities. What they don’t see is that new job profile are pretty much surfacing, and can be purposefully leverage to the advantage of the growing workforce needs. In present times, we will speak of how coding and SAAS via EdTech can make a difference to the ever-evolving needs of the workforce. On the occasion of National Education Day, let’s take a sneak peek into how these futuristic jobs that help a professional to spruce up both the resume and the overall financial portfolio.

Understanding SaaS

SaaS; better known as Software as a Service.

To access any kind of product or service we’re required to download an application onto our phones or any computing device. SaaS vendors help us clear the clutter, enabling the user to use the software by simply accessing the internet. SaaS doesn’t require any hardware or software management, making it easier for end users to access the programme, and also customize the same. On the other hand, the SaaS developer/vendor can upgrade the programme from time to time without having to disturb the bespoke tool options and support customers 24/7.

Advantages of MSME’s employing SaaS

  1. Low Investment

At minuscule costs SaaS applications can be integrated into the existing structure, without having to invest in outrageously costing software or hardware. The application is intelligibly designed ensuring ease of access by the end user. Which also means that the application can be immediately put to use upon installation.

  1. User friendly and reliable

SaaS applications are secure. The application can be accorded to the convenience of the end user, by incorporation of bespoke tools.

  1. Seamless upgrades

The Saas Vendor provides with upgrades from time to time ensuring seamless reach to your customers 24/7.

  1. Grows with your requirements at negligible costs

Growth of your organization would mean growing requirements on your existing application. Upgrades can align the same together with training at negligible or no cost at all.

SaaS sassying management

For MSME’s SaaS proves to be a boon whereby emergent entrepreneurs man manage inventory, accounts, and logistics using a single plane, as created by the developer. It also helps determine the scalability of readily profit or loss giving statistical insights on the progression of the business. The precision tracking systems also enable the user to determine the cause of loss in their business earlier on, which in turn helps at minimizing wastage, and keep the business from drowning.

The Potential

Coding and SaaS development has witnessed a quantum leap during the course of the pandemic. SaaS vendors or developers, who need to comprehend the nuances of coding to create; found themselves making unending programs for MSME’s during the course of the pandemic.

Infact learning how to code proves to be a plus point on the resume. It doesn’t only mean that coders, are technologically inclined, but it also means that aspirants have strengthened their base in logic, are armed with a hoard of intelligible solutions, and have the ability of creatively solving a problem.  However, since the importance of coding has only recently been understood by most aspirants there is a dearth of coders. This skill gap is gradually being covered by EdTech institutes. Learners who’ve understood the noteworthiness of coding, take to instructions on the subject from prominent EdTech institutions.

How does coding help SaaS developers?

SaaS and EdTech and Vice-Versa

The pandemic could have led to an economic meltdown, but education hasn’t seized even during these trying times. If at all prominent companies like Google, have synergized technology and learning brining it on a common plane. While SaaS has played a critical role in the development of EdTech; EdTech companies too, have tied up with instructors to further knowledge on SaaS.

Infact, during the course of the lockdown, SaaS has delivered learners to worthwhile instructions on necessary industry aligned soft skills such as, ‘Telephone communication for beginners’, ‘Professional Communication in Business Process Management’, ‘Health and Safety in Workplace’ (In light of the pandemic), ‘Interview skills’, ‘Workplace readiness’ and a lot more. These soft skills haven’t only boosted a learners confidence levels, but have helped learners at cracking interviews and successfully enabling them to surge the corporate ladder by helping them resist the few hiccups that could prove detrimental to their growth.

The Universal Truth

Though SaaS has arrested a large portion of unrest during the ongoing course of the #newnormal, there are some professional that rely on the empathy of an established two way communication. This communication doesn’t only help products and services reach out to their consumers a lot better, but they tie up the loose ends in the communication bolstering the worth of the profession and scaling it to new heights. Some of the skills come handy in the market space include, customer-services, medical and healthcare services, legal bearings, and last but not the least education. While the #newnormal is aimed at digitizing processes, these professions can use a healthy blend of digitization and two-way, face to face human interaction to reach out more effectively to their clients.

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