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Alakh Pandey is the Founder and CEO of PW, India’s leading, most affordable Ed-tech platform, which provides an accessible, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art learning experience. “Money should not be an obstacle in the path of achieving one’s dreams” powering this vision a team of innovators at PW constantly work towards creating an ecosystem of educational products and services that are premium, interactive, comprehensible & accessible to all.


The Internet is a knowledge base of resources and learning. Not only this, it has accelerated a massive revolution by making education more accessible and reachable for the common folks. Online learning powered by the internet has an unprecedented application in the modern world. It is a major tool of effective teaching, wherein knowledge reaches every home through a simple smartphone and an internet connection. 

All this being said, the online learning modality also has its fair share of challenges like lack of in-person training, unwanted diversions and technical glitches. In such scenarios, it is pivotal for parents to guide their children to surface the merits of online education.

Restrict internet access to school work and educational needs

The Internet is not always about all good things. Beyond its innovative application in educational needs, it is a self-regulated platform that is also a source of several unwanted distractions. Some of the examples include addictive online gaming and unnecessary content, which includes explicit ones as well. 

Herein, our attention should be treated as money and used judiciously only in productive tasks to enhance value, rather than depreciate our abilities. Parents can guide their wards and make them aware of using the internet more resourcefully. Children should focus on schoolwork and parents must play an important part in conveying this understanding. 

Sometimes, if needed parental control software can also be used to regulate access to online material. A child is curious by nature and their explorations on the internet must be positive and beneficial for personal growth. Parents can keep track of their child’s browsing history to ensure that the time spent online is enterprising and enhances their learning spectrum.

Establish and enforce daily routines

Always hanging around screens is not a good option. There should be a defined time to use the internet, and excess usage must be avoided to reduce incidents of any mental stress. Even though educational avenues today have adopted an online methodology, being glued to a screen can be detrimental to the eyes and mental health. 

The optimum utilization of the boom of the internet can be obtained by enforcing daily routines for your children and ensuring that they do not run astray with it. A routine is a powerfully productive way to manage life in general and helps in the predictive functioning of the mind to keep it stress-free. The power of routines is underestimated as it becomes mundane for many, yet strict and disciplined enforcement can do wonders in enhancing a child’s creative pursuits.

Strict and sound sleep schedules

Sleep has always been underrated. Many children spend hours on their screens without realizing when it is time to rest and take a good night’s sleep. Our body follows a natural circadian rhythm to regulate sleep and wakefulness cycles. This rhythm is essential to the body’s well-being and supports organ recovery and overall mood. Not getting enough sleep aligned with the circadian rhythm can be harmful to the physical and mental fitness of the body. 

Spending exceptionally high time online, glued to screens, under the garb of learning, is not a healthy practice. A sleep-deprived individual is not able to think clearly and is often prone to stress-related illnesses. For performance to reach its peak, optimum sleep of at least 7-8 hours is necessary for a day. Thereby, enforcing a disciplined sleep schedule for your children is pivotal to bringing out the best in them and helping them excel in their academics.

Balancing time in school with that being spent on tuition

An important curve herein lies in supporting your ward to efficiently divide their time into online tuition classes and hours being spent in school. Modern-day academics can sometimes be taxing and become dysfunctional when schooltime and tuition hours are not equally balanced. Many times, school and its subsequent homework can be overwhelming for the students, and its demands are such that it is difficult to strike a balance between the two. 

Often there is not enough time and energy available for the children to attend online tuition and meet its requirements. In such scenarios, parents should assist their wards in time management techniques, by helping them make a priority list and finishing the less time-consuming tasks first to get maximum accomplished in a day.

To wind up the tips, online learning modalities must be used judiciously wherever necessary, and any extra time spent on the internet can be the root of troubles. Parents are the chief inspectors at home and also the best practitioners to monitor their child’s engagements sensibly. And by keeping in mind the aforementioned points, parents can help their child make the most of online learning and reach their full potential. 

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