Pushkar Verma, Director, Cloud Wizard Consulting

Pushkar Verma is an Engineer (Computer Science) and a Postgraduate from the Nottingham Trent University, UK in International Business. He is an enthusiastic and committed individual working to help organizations and IT professionals by providing them with access to AWS classroom training programs. He has been associated with AWS in delivering their Classroom based training across India since 2014. He leads a young team at Cloud Wizard for its training delivery initiatives across India and SAARC countries. In his previous roles, he worked across different geographies from India to the UK in diverse roles in Sales, Marketing and Business Development.


With the shifting landscape, the cloud has taken center stage in the IT world, with AWS holding approximately 35% of the market share. The rate of change on the technical platform is so rapid that structured training programs are required to keep up. A well-structured training program ensures that a learner has a positive learning experience.

In the modern era, it is becoming increasingly crucial to obtain an AWS skill leads to career advancement. With hundreds of products and services available on the AWS platform, it is critical that the learner be able to effectively demonstrate his understanding of the same. As a result, AWS training and certification aid in the validation of employers worldwide.

Ways to Upgrade Your Career

Constant learning and upgrading skills are one way to enhance the skills. With our country’s advancement, digital platforms are now offering a variety of structured training programs for learners to upskill themselves, ranging from digital courses to immersive classroom programs.

Here are a few factors that can help aspirants advance their careers if they obtain one of those sought-after badges or training:

Maintain your acrobatic abilities

Retain your skills up to date if you want to advance in today’s competitive world. Whether you are new to cloud computing or an experienced cloud professional, it makes sense to keep up with AWS services. Acquiring skills in today’s world requires training and hands-on experience, so aspirants must commit to being lifelong learners.

Specific training with hands-on experience 

With the advent of the new era, specific training courses are emerging as a tool for gaining experience in niche sectors evolving at a breakneck pace. In this scenario, organizations are looking for solutions after realizing the value of investing in cloud-skills training. As a result, aspirants must gain hands-on experience through classroom training. According to NASSCOM, India’s talent pool of cloud professionals across verticals is poised to grow by 24% to reach 1.5 million by 2025.

Aside from free digital courses, AWS-designed courses and organizations that teach AWS cloud training are also available. AWS classroom courses go beyond theory to address real-world use cases and contexts and allow participants to practice skills in a sandbox environment. In a classroom setting, you can ask questions and receive hands-on assistance from an AWS Authorized Instructor.

Paving the way forward with training

As enterprises continue to invest in cloud technology, more IT professionals are turning to train to advance and validate their cloud knowledge. AWS certifications, such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and Professional, along with Cloud Practitioner Essentials, are among the most sought-after cloud certifications. DevOps, security, machine learning as well as Artificial Intelligence are other vital areas.

Earning an AWS cloud training certificate has numerous advantages, including increased job effectiveness, higher work quality, and a pay raise or promotion. Exams for AWS Certification are available for a variety of roles and solutions. Each exam validates the candidate’s domain expertise and knowledge. AWS provides exam preparation courses, sample questions, and other resources to assist scholars in preparing for any of the exams to advance their careers in their desired professions. In a nutshell, AWS cloud training will indeed improve one’s career prospects for future advancement.

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