Ankush Koul, National Academic Director, Extramarks Education India Pvt. Ltd.

Ankush is an Edutech Enthusiast, keen on transforming the way teaching is imparted. He is an out of the box thinker, influencer, and motivator. He is an M Tech. graduate in Microelectronics, with a decade of experience in the Education industry. Ankush is an avid academician with established expertise in Higher Education and Test Preparation segment. An analytical mind who has been working with students across sectors of education, trained them academically and made them resilient mentally to reach their set goals.

What if a computer can be made to think and decide? That’s exactly what Artificial Intelligence is capable of. Solving problems and giving an outcome by mere observation of events and patterns is the next thing where all stakeholders are eyeing at.

In the field of education, Automated Research and Information Stacking seem to be some strong applications of AI. In today’s cut-throat competition, AI brings an opportunity for all learners to achieve precise and desired outcomes. The impact of these technologies in practical educational settings has been relatively modest until recently. However, technical developments over recent years suggest that the situation may be changing rapidly.

Will AI Help to improve the learning engagement process?

At the core of any e-learning or a classroom program lies the purpose of making a student go through a continuous learning and feedback cycle. This cycle is of utmost significance and includes improvement in scores, learning patterns, and enhanced classroom involvement. But it should not become an apathy at some point in time. Being a process that requires unshakable determination and towering patience among peers, it often loses sight and becomes a tiresome activity after a few days. A more insightful reason for non-compliance with this student improvement cycle is a human intervention across a big volume of students.

Now here comes the AI, the new astrologer in town. With its data computational tools and techniques, AI uses human cognition, pattern reading, and behavior simulation, to give an outcome based upon these. Now the student is automated into a process of continuous improvement through this technology. AI has taken classrooms and learning platforms by storm through its pattern reading techniques, thereby helping stakeholders understand the exact emotion of the student in a given learning environment. What more can a teacher ask for than capturing every move a student makes in his mind, micro analyzing the responses and bringing out the best outcome?

Which AI tool will be a game-changer in the education sector?

Well, AI uses some impressive and big as life techniques such as Machine Learning, Automated Research, Information Aggregator, Decision Support Systems, and Virtual Private Assistants. While Machine Learning tops the list with its hardcore computations to convert user patterns into something that a machine can actually understand, the later features are no less.

Machine learning emphasizes on making a computer to learn automatically and improve from experience. It is similar to what is expected out of a student, to learn and improve with experience. This also caters to the basic requirement of a learning process over any learning platform. Machine learning along with other lesser-known features like Virtual Private Assistants for the students will really be an interesting bet. As per a survey published by PWC, 100 percent of decision-makers from education industry believed that Machine learning will create the maximum impact.

What is the future of AI in the Indian Education System?

Education continues to be a major concern in almost all developing countries. AI tools and techniques that are adept at imparting high-quality education to India’s culturally, linguistically and regionally diverse population could also prove very useful in other developing nations. At this point, the whole world can see India’s potential as a leader in AI because of its proven track record in technology. Indian IT firms have been pioneers in developing and introducing technology products and solutions across the globe. Even global giants who are currently working head and heart on AI and its improvements have appreciated Indian Techies for their leading-edge technological innovations. As AI matures and its basic applications become much common and humdrum, India will emerge in its processes for large scale implementation of AI across all age groups, across all school groups and across all privileged as well the underprivileged.

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