Pritika Singh, CEO, Prayag Hospital

Pritika has been a game-changer and leader in the healthcare sector. Her business interests vary across many fields from healthcare business, beauty, mental health, yoga, meditation and the pharma industry. She is also actively pursuing women rights, philosophy, and is a relationship coach. She has worked towards women empowerment and other women centric issues. She became the CEO of Prayag Hospital at the age of 23. Under her leadership, Prayag hospital expanded and opened at 2 more locations. She has also organized free camps, yearly, for acid attack victims and undertakes around 100 surgeries at nominal costs to help better the lives of these survivors.


If you are looking for a career option that gives immense satisfaction while you get to take care of others, the healthcare industry comes across as a feasible option for you. As it is widely known, healthcare is one of the noblest industries to opt for as a career. For those who are deeply passionate about the idea of helping others while on their job and derive joy in caring for other people and relieving their pains and sufferings, there can be no better career option than the healthcare industry.

The Beauty of the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is one of those few industries where you directly interact with the individual and are able to help and make a difference. Unlike most other jobs out there, the healthcare industry facilitates you to operate with the philosophy of Sewa Parmo Dharma. The empowering life lesson from the Bhagwat Gita that says service is the highest religion forms one of the core values of the healthcare industry. While the healthcare industry offers multiple options to practice and perfect your expertise, it also happens to be an evergreen industry. As more people are waking up to the importance of health and fitness, they interact more with the healthcare industry, creating even more opportunities.

Healthcare is one of the rare industries where you have a chance of impacting thousands of lives directly. It is also a well-paying industry and can make one feel quite satisfied with their work. If you are good at your job, everything else falls into place. However, a health care worker, you need to be extremely compassionate, patience is indeed a virtue and one needs to be constantly on their toes and available for emergencies.

Many Attires, Choose Whichever You Like

The flexibility that the healthcare industry offers for choosing the desired role is unmatched in every sense. Sadly, society has built this perception that doctors are the whole and the sole healthcare system. However, a global pandemic like the COVID-19 proved that perception to be wrong. COVID-19 has proved that even though doctors happen to be the centre of attraction, they are just a part of the healthcare industry and not the entirety. An entire team of people work together to form up a smoothly operating system for healing others.

Right from the hospital guard to the ambulance driver. From the GDA staff to the receptionist and admission counters staff. From the nurses to the doctors and housekeeping staff. From the pharmacist to the lab staff and many more. All of them come together and collaborate to form up the health care system. They are all the pillars of the healthcare industry. Even though the public perception fails to recognize the fact, it is true that if any of these pillars collapse, it will impact the entire structure. No matter what position you hold within the healthcare system, you are as crucial to the industry as any other individual. Being a doctor is not the only way to pursue a career in the healthcare industry.

It’s a Bright Future

When making a career decision, it is crucial to understand the prospects and the future possibilities. After all, it is best practice to make an informed decision backed up with facts, figures, and data. Well, you will find it reassuring that the global healthcare industry is looking at a growth mark of more than USD 75 billion in the next five years. Not just that, the projections also suggest that the healthcare industry will generate demand for 250,000 skilled professionals in the same time frame. Now that certainly seems like the guarantee of a bright future! Especially after the COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of a well-prepared healthcare system, international governments and business owners take more interest in developing the same. Such a newfound outlook will work wonders for the future of the healthcare industry.

Mental Health Awareness = New Healthcare Opportunities

Gone are the days when people approached the healthcare services only for taking care of a physical ailment. The world now recognizes the importance of mental health, thus creating many new opportunities on the front. People now register that a healthy mind and a healthy body can only exist in harmony. Such awareness will create multiple opportunities for mental-health-related roles such as psychologists and psychiatrists. This avenue of the healthcare industry will see a rocketing rise in the future.


Working in the healthcare industry is grounding, evolutionary, challenging, and a whole lot satisfying at the same time. There’s always a lot to learn, embrace, and evolve. If you love the idea of chasing satisfaction while being able to help others and impact their lives through your work, a career in the healthcare industry can be a rewarding and fruitful choice for you.

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