Alka Kapur, Principal, Modern Public School Shalimar Bagh

Alka Kapur, (CBSE & State Awardee) Principal, Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi is an empowering leader, a zealous educationist with rich academic and administrative experience offering an illustrious career of 32 years in educational research. As the Principal of the school, she has taken the school to great heights through open attitude for learning and love for children. Twenty years of her sedulous selfless service as the Principal of the school has accorded the school a priceless status in Forbes India Marquee Edition, The Great Indian Schools.


The fast-paced digitalization across the globe has driven the growth and popularity of technology and innovations. In such an era, computers and related sciences have gained major significance as almost all business operations are going on online. This transformation has prompted the rising relevance of coding, making it an important part of the digital revolution.Coding being the language of any computers, dictating what the devices can do, has become a lucrative career choice which is certain to fetch more popularity in the future.


Coding primarily refers to computer programming through which individuals can create computer programs, software, applications, and websites. Some of the common day-to-day application of coding includes the operating system of a computer, the browser, applications on mobile phones, websites, etc. Coding can be considered the backbone of global online connectivity, which has made operations simple and easy.

With major services and products being digitized, coding has become a basic skill and has been in demand in the job market. The fast-paced digitalization further makes it clear that the jobs requiring coding skills will grow exponentially in the future. However, students sometimes get in a dilemma as to what coding languages are at the utmost priority in present times, and what career options are available in the domain. Though coding has been a growing trend and several students are seeking a career in it, most of them might be unaware of the existing and lucrative career options in the field.

Benefits of embracing coding

Highlighting the profile

Whilst coding might not be the basic requisite to get qualified for all jobs, a basic understanding of it can always be helpful to stay ahead in the competition. An understanding of coding is an important skill in any profession and depicts that the candidate is diligent, energetic, and innovative.

Job opportunities

With business operations gradually getting entirely inclined towards digitalization, employers are much more likely to hire employees with technical expertise; and coding is an important technical skill that can help an individual fetch a job. While it might not be required in every field but keeping a code as a string in your bow can be a key to finding field-related functions like content creation, marketing, PR and more.

Freelancing and entrepreneurial options

Coding can be a prime skill to open options for an individual to work independently, or even start his/her own business in domains like web designing or creating software or apps. Coding being a valued skill across the industries, many companies also outsource the coding-related works to freelancers or self-employed personnel.

Let’s explore some of the interesting career options in coding:

Application developer

Application development can be one of the most fruitful and blooming career options for an aspirant and the domain is growing steadily and is expected to reach its pinnacle by the end of the decade. The primary responsibility of an application developer is to develop or enhance software applications for mobile devices like cell phones, tablets, etc.

Coding analyst

Coding analysts outstand others because they not only possess coding skills but also a strong knowledge of business analysis. They bring in a merger between the initiatives of a business and information technology.

Quality assurance engineer

Quality assurance for software is a key area most companies focus on and the requirements for engineers, who can check defects in the software, design tests and chalk out a solution, is on the pick in the present days. The role also includes reviewing and commenting on the designs of the software and its overall functionality.

Website developer

Website development is one of the most prospective fields in the coding domain and is expected to grow around 12.5 per cent in the decade. Web development encircles the entire functionality of a website, from design and look to its user-friendly interface.

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